Mac Jones also declines to discuss vaccine status

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Cam Newton isn’t the only Patriots quarterback who declined to discuss his vaccination status.

Mac Jones did, too, via

“Yeah, I think in terms of our team, everyone has their personal choice, and we’re all just trying to make the right decision to keep everyone protected,” Jones said. “And we all want to play. So, it’s kind of a personal thing. I think a lot of guys on our team are, and that’s a good thing. And we’re going to keep moving forward. It’s made it a lot easier to go about the day. . . . But, like I said, that’s a personal choice. It’s up to the players.”

The potential difference between Newton and Jones comes from whether they are seen wearing masks. Multiple training-camp photos show Newton wearing a mask. Jones is not seen wearing a mask in any photos available through our arrangement with Getty and USA Today.

Given the NFL’s protocols, this suggests that Newton is not vaccinated and that Jones is.

So back to the original point. Newton, if he isn’t vaccinated, is running the risk of becoming unavailable to the team for five days (for a close contact) or 10 days (for a positive test). Jones, if vaccinated, operates under a different set of rules, with less frequent testing (for now), a shorter mandatory absence if testing positive, and no absence at all for close contact with an infected person. Jones, thanks to his apparent personal choice to be vaccinated, is in position to benefit from Newton’s apparent personal choice to not be vaccinated.

Regardless of who is and isn’t vaccinated, it’s not a personal matter. It’s a public-health crisis that currently is getting worse, in large part because of the unvaccinated. It’s fair game for everyone — especially those who are public figures and whose employment hinges on availability — to be asked these questions and to answer them.

25 responses to “Mac Jones also declines to discuss vaccine status

  1. It is a personal matter. No matter how many times you say it isn’t, and remind us of the repercussions and keep shaming the players that don’t get the shot, it STILL is a personal matter and choice.

  2. Perhaps there is no greater determinant of who will play more under center for the Pats this season than vaccination status. I have been rooting for Cam, but if he is not vaccinated (and therefore puts the team in jeopardy), then he is just ending his career.

  3. If this is accurate, and if Cam isn’t vaccinated, go with Jones! Easy!
    Cut the unvaccinated. All of them. We need smart, available players.

  4. Lol, told you. He’s from Florida. It was a big assumption hat he’d be vaccinated either.

  5. Sounds like the boys got a directive from Belichick. Henceforth you’ll hear much the same answer from everyone in the organization.

  6. IF it DID work to keep you from getting it, nearly everyone would have already gotten it and it would not be an issue! It has been proven time and time again, it doesn’t!

  7. Maybe everyone is getting tired of whatever choice they make being politicized.

  8. So, Jones says it’s about “our team” and “we all want to play.” In the next breath, however, he says “it’s a personal thing.” Which is it, Mac? Are you in this together with your teammates in common cause, or are you a selfish me-me-me guy only thinking about himself?

  9. chrism0228 says:
    August 6, 2021 at 4:21 pm
    So when has someone’s medical history become everyone’s business?
    Every. Single. Week. In the NFL.
    Have you heard of the injury report?

  10. Clearly nobody is going to talk about it. But if you read between the lines. Jones pretty much said he is vaccinated and anybody who isn’t puts the team in jeopardy. It is hard to imagine that Cam is not vaccinated. Chances are he is wearing a mask to be more careful after all he did get covid once already. But ya never know. maybe Cam has decided his career in The NFL is not worth getting a simple vaccine. I have seen people make worse decisions.

  11. Why did this disappear from the front page before the Cam Newton “story”? Seems a bit weird…

  12. It’s his business, and by the amount of thumbs ups supporting those who shared a similar opinion, most PFT users agree. Stop virtue signalling.

  13. I don’t understand the confusion about the vaccine…
    Vaccines do NOT guarantee you won’t get covid just like the flu shot does NOT guarantee you won’t catch a cold….
    What they do provide is much better odds of not contracting anything & IF you do, the severity is greatly diminished then those that haven’t taken those precautions…..ALSO, you are reducing the one thing the virus needs, a place to invade & mutate into another more difficult variation that is more resistant to the vaccine against it, THUS hurting society in general by not helping achieve heard immunity….
    & as a member of society & done what SCIENCE & MEDICAL EXPERTS KNOW to be the EDUCATED THING TO DO….so yes, we do deserve to know who’s putting us a greatest risk, as it’s our body & we have rights too

  14. Sounds like Mac Jones is vaccinated but doesn’t want to sound like he is criticizing Cam.

  15. If Covid costs him (or anyone else) a starting job or roster spot, they have nobody to blame but themselves. That said, it’s entirely possible Newton is just wearing a mask as an extra layer of protection (as many vaccinated individuals are doing right now in light of the variant)… and it’s also possible he might be vaccinated but has not yet been deemed “fully vaccinated.” In fact, it’s a safe bet that there are many players around the league who are still in the 2-week window after their final (or first J&J) dose. And while I think any person is foolish to not take advantage of the vaccine, if they’re following safety protocols with wearing a mask, good for them. It’s the folks who choose not to get vaccinated and refuse to wear a mask who I’ll save my real disgust for.

  16. Er, look, I’m vaccinated, but Cam’s had the virus itself, so now we both have the antibodies.

  17. It’s my business for the team and season ticket holders and fans with vested interest.

    We pay the salaries.

    You’re wrong. We have knowledge of a deadly pandemic, this turd ruined last season with his selfishness all alone in a hotel, and we have knowledge of a working vaccine to help put an end to this.

    So tired of selfish Millennials and their dumb parents in out society.

    It is quite telling

  18. When has it ever been a story that someone on the Patriots is not willing to talk about something in the media?

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