Bill Cowher closes out a night of celebration for Steelers Nation


Most of the crowd of 18,383 arrived Saturday night waving Terrible Towels. They never stopped.

Donnie Shell, Troy Polamalu and Bill Cowher all entered the Pro Football Hall of Fame in the Centennial Class of 2020. The fun continues for Steeler Nation on Sunday night when former Steelers Alan Faneca and Bill Nunn Jr. earn induction.

“It is unbelievable to me to go into the Hall of Fame the same weekend with two guys you drafted — Troy Polamalu and Alan Faneca,” Cowher said. “Also, Donnie Shell and the late, great Bill Nunn. To the Pittsburgh Steelers on this stage, gold jackets on this stage, you guys set the standard, and it’s our job to keep it going.”

Cowher closed out a night of 12 speeches for the delayed inductions of the Class of 2020 because of the pandemic. For the first time, the Pro Football Hall of Fame threatened to enforce a strict 8-minute time limit. Cowher had the longest speech at 10 minutes, 41 seconds, warning he would go long beforehand.

“So I guess being last to speak has its advantages,” Cowher said. “You’re not infringing on the next guy if you go too long. If the music starts to play, if I do long, it won’t bother me. I’m used to talking while music is playing. My wife is a musician.”

Cowher left the Rooney family for last in his list of those he thanked.

“I didn’t know how it worked on the inside,” Cowher said. “Who were the Rooneys? Well, in my 15 years as head coach I grew in every aspect of my life. Dan was a visionary leader. He never missed a teaching moment and inspired those around him. The Rooney family core values were always about family, community. Isn’t that what this Hall of Fame family is all about? Let’s use this platform to make a difference. Winning was a byproduct of Dan Rooney’s approach. I’ll leave you with one last example.

“In 2005, prior to our historic run as the first sixth seed to ever win a championship, he gave me these. Rosary beads. I said, ‘Dan, I’m not Catholic.’ Dan said to me, without missing a beat, ‘Coach, it doesn’t matter. Every little bit helps.’ Well, Dan, I still have them today.”

6 responses to “Bill Cowher closes out a night of celebration for Steelers Nation

  1. minime says:
    August 8, 2021 at 12:43 am
    Too many steelers.
    About half are border line HOFers.

    Cowher is definitely borderline. Tomlin is already a better coach.

  2. Cowher is borderline, but Tomlin is not better. Tomlin’s only super bowl has the Tom Brady out for the season asterisk.

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