Jimmy Johnson thanks Jerry Jones for giving him opportunity to make sports history


Jimmy Johnson began his thank yous with Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman, who served as his presenter.

But who would have expected the former coach to thank Cowboys owner Jerry Jones second?

Jones and Johnson’s relationship is well documented, but it seems to have thawed since Jones and then Johnson have earned induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Last month, the Cowboys owner wondered aloud during a news conference why he “f–ked it up” with Johnson in 1994. The Cowboys had won back-to-back Super Bowls and might have made it three in row if not for their split.

Jones announced Thursday he will put Johnson in the team’s Ring of Honor, leaving Jones as the Cowboys’ only Hall of Famer without that honor.

“I guess you want to know what I’m going to say about Jerry Jones,” Johnson said early in his 8-minute, 50-second speech. “Well, Jerry, you told me we were going to sports history before we ever bought the Cowboys — before you bought the Cowboys because I didn’t pay a damn cent. You know what? We — WE — we did make sports history, not only for the Dallas Cowboys but for the NFL. To go from the worst team in the league two years in a row to winning back-to-back Super Bowls and building a heck of a football team, we did it, and let me tell you from the bottom of my heart, thank you, Jerry. Thank you for giving me that opportunity.”

18 responses to “Jimmy Johnson thanks Jerry Jones for giving him opportunity to make sports history

  1. Johnson’s Cowboys had a nice run and won back to back Super Bowls. That is not exactly sports history.

  2. It was huge that Jerry admitted he effed it all up. I was glad to see he has some humility. I’m also glad to see Jimmy Johnson handle his speech with class.

    But nothing will ever change the fact that Jerry effed it all up. That team could’ve won five straight Super Bowls if Jimmy would’ve stayed. And I was a huge 49er fan at the time.

  3. Jimmy spent his life around football. Playing and coaching. He continues to spend his life surrounded by HOF players. These are some of the toughest, and baddest men on earth. It wouldn’t seem right to be a big baby and sit around crying about stuff, so Jimmy doesn’t waste time doing any of that. He’s a class act, and he did the right thing. He’s getting up there in years, and he realizes he and Jerry did some great things together. Those two also played on Arkansas’ National Championship team back in the day. They’ve done great things together. You’d really have to be a negative person to find anything negative in all that. Negativity doesn’t get people to the Hall of Fame. That’s probably the best lesson any of us can take away from all this.

  4. Tom Landry was a much better coach. Superbowl Cowboys had a much more potent offense

  5. You sure it was Jummy? He left the team and they won a Super Bowl without him. Meanwhile, he accomplished nothing in Miami.

  6. I really like Jimmy Johnson. In addition to being a Super Bowl winning, Hall Of Fame head coach, he could also be the pastor of a Southern Baptist church, a country music singer, or a celebrity BBQ pit-master. He could be all those things at once, and that would be awesome.

  7. This could have ended badly, you know, two men going to their graves without ever burying the hatchet, hanging onto things which matter less when facing impending mortality. Together they were great, notwithstanding Switzer stepping in during that “auto-pilot” season.

    But Jones and Johnson together could have meant 4-6 consecutive titles (or appearances) in the Super Bowl. Both men committed mistakes of pride – and yet both are deservedly in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

    As the decades roll by, it’s natural to have greater appreciation for what you had and what could have been. But some wait too long to let bygones be bygones – and then it’s too late.

    I’ve never been a Cowboys fan, but I have always respected what Jones and Johnson did after fans got over their shock of firing the legendary Tom Landry. Still can’t believe their last title was in 1995. I’m happy for both Jerry and Jimmy. Long after their gone, their busts we’ll still be “talking” to each other for many years hence.

  8. It’s hard to compare teams from different eras, but those Cowboys’ teams have to rank up there with the best NFL teams in history. The offensive lines makes them a tough matchup for anyone.

  9. If Jones could show the same humility and step down as GM the Cowboys would be a better team now also. Glad to see that the ice has thawed between the two.

  10. You all say they could have won 5 or more together. But—imagine how badly you’d hate the Cowboys then. I’m not sure most of you could handle that!

  11. Jones buys a team and thought he also bought football knowledge. Jones has held the Cowboys back for decades!!

  12. The real shame is Johnson and Jones could not arrive at this point in 1994. Dallas could have won five Super Bowls in the 1990s if Johnson had stayed with the team.

  13. Love Jimmy Johnson. He was the coach of my favorite college and NFL teams with the Canes and Cowboys. What a treat those teams were to watch. Michael Irvin, Emmitt, Novachek, Aikman, Moose, Deion.

  14. Jimmy Johnson’s entire speech should have been thanking Mike Lynn. Without Mike Lynn, the 1990’s Cowboys don’t exist and Jimmy Johnson only gets into the Hall by paying admission. Jerry Jones can’t replicate their success because he can’t find another Mike Lynn. Mike Lynn deserves to be on the Cowboys’ Ring of Honor just as much as Jimmy, Emmett, and Darren Woodson.

  15. I’m not sure anyone (including me) believes the Barry Switzer Superbowl win was the result of Barry’s coaching. It was the end result of the work Jimmy Johnson did. Yeah, I’m one of those who believes the Cowboys dominate for several more years if Jimmy stays.

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