Ron Rivera knows Washington has work to do to get the whole fan base back on board

Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins - September 27, 2004
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There was a time when Washington had such an enthusiastic fan base that not only was every game sold out, but the team claimed a season ticket waiting list 200,000 fans long. But that time has long passed.

In recent years, Washington has played in front of thousands of empty seats at FedEx Field, even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Coach Ron Rivera hopes some of those fans who tuned the team out are interested again after last year’s surprise NFC East title.

“I think they’re curious. We’ve piqued their curiosity from last season, and we’ve got to get ahold of them,” Rivera said.

Rivera remembers watching and playing against Washington during its glory years, and he would love to be the coach who brings the Football Team back to that level.

“I’m telling you that this place can be special,” Rivera said. “It really can. With the fan base that this organization has had for years, being a team that started in 1932 with a lot of tradition and history with five world championships, three of them being Super Bowls under Coach [Joe] Gibbs. We want to be able to get those folks back in the stands and get them behind us. Last year we were a little bit fortunate because we started kind of slow and it was kind of nice not having fans at the time, but as we started to roll and started getting some momentum, it would have been cool to have those people there because again, I think we have piqued their interest. I think people are curious about who we can be and it’d be good. I mean, we’ve got a lot of good football players. We’re still learning and growing. We’re a very young football team and I’m really pleased with that because I think we’ve got guys in the right position and all they need to do is grow into it. Our goal and our intent is to get these folks interested and get them back into the stands and play some really good football.”

It’s probably going to take more than winning a bad division with a losing record to get the fans back on board, but Rivera did take a step in the right direction in 2020.

35 responses to “Ron Rivera knows Washington has work to do to get the whole fan base back on board

  1. Riverboat, it’s the politics taking sports down. The kneeling, the name changing/attacking, going to war on anti-vaxers, etc etc. It’s totally unprofessional, embarrassing, and a bad look so people who love actually love their country and it’s history have tuned out which is the correct and noble thing to do. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you because it can slap you back twice as hard.

  2. Find a long term quarterback solution in the next couple years and find a way to get Snyder to sell the team to a competent ownership group and Ron is in business.

  3. Shoulda gone back to “Braves” years ago instead of producing reams of fraudulent polls.

  4. The fan base has never left, they just stop showing up protesting how Snyder has ruined the atmosphere.

  5. Rivera is a smart and mature coach and will get the best out of this team. Expect a good season from this club.

  6. People don’t want to hear him lecture about vaccines for starters..

  7. The stadium experience is atrocious, the ticket prices, parking prices, concessions, and on top of it, the product put out on the field. It’s just not worth it anymore.

  8. How bout reverting to the team name that everybody loved for the past 80 years for starters?

  9. I don’t actually care at the moment about the wins or being a good team. What has stuck in my craw for the last 10-15 years is the crappy ownership! DS was only interested in the almighty dollar and lining his pockets. All the nonsense that has recently come to light underscores this as he didn’t care enough about what was happening (with or without his knowledge) to correct it. Frankly I am surprised he still got to keep the team, but letting his wife run it is a good start. Also hiring on the team president Jason Wright is a great move in my opinion and with what Coach Rivera has done so far, will get me to at least watch a couple games this season. I swore the team off several years ago until substantive changes were made and it seems t like they are moving in that direction.

  10. As an Eagles fan I have been to FedEx for 12 games. Additionally, I have been to 25 NFL stadiums. The WFT game day experience is by far the worst: traffic, prices, piped in crowd noise, and a bunch of dejected and battle weary WFT fans.
    It is borderline criminal what Danny Boy has done to a once proud franchise.
    Plus, WFT, Dallas, and Detroit have not been to an NFC Championship game in over 25 years!
    That is all.

  11. The fan base is gone, the team’s identity and history have been erased.

    Chief’s next.

  12. Not only were there thousands of empty seats, but half the filled seats were fans of that games’ opponent. Sometimes it seemed like there were more Eagles, Cowboys, Giants, et al. fans in the stadium. Daniel Snyder has been a disaster as the owner.

  13. after the name change and now the no head dress or paint rule theres fans that will never come back. dont bow to the woke mob. Go Woke Go Broke

  14. patsrule says:
    August 7, 2021 at 7:58 am
    Rivera is a smart and mature coach and will get the best out of this team. Expect a good season from this club.
    6 of their 7 wins last season came against teams that finished the season under .500, so “expect a good season.”

  15. Washington has always had a fan base spread out across the country. I think I’m seeing signs that Dan Snyder is ready to turn the decision making over to Ron Rivera and his staff. It doesn’t guarantee anything, but it’s a QB league, and for an owner to come in on draft day and force the issue with guys like RG3 and Dwayne Haskins, it’s impossible to win. I look at a team like the Buffalo Bills. They were so bad for so long because they never could get a QB. Now they have an elite QB, and they’ll be competing for championships as long as Josh Allen is there. You can go 8-8 with a game manager, but the fans get fired up for a season when a championship is a realistic goal.

  16. for those that complain about Dan Snyder, understand that he is only taking advantage of what Washington DC gives him. Fan base has been run off, replaced by politicos who go to games, drink the wine and eat the filet mignon based on what politicians and their lobbyists can afford, and sadly, they prove each year that they can afford a lot, based on the backs of the middle income taxpayers…..

  17. Took my kid to a WFT game in 2019 to see the Patriots. Away fans outnumbered the WFT fans easily by 10 to 1. The traffic in and out were hellish. The line to get a lousy hotdog and soda was 20 minutes or more. Bought my son a souvenir football in the WFT stadium gift shop only to later learn we couldn’t bring it into the stadium. The WFT got demolished on the field. Guess what? People aren’t stupid. WFT is getting the reaction from fans they richly deserve.

  18. I remember when the Redskins used to be a very respectable team but over the years they’ve drafted poorly, Signed big name free agents to massive contracts that don’t live up to expectations. An owner who is completely terrible at managing the team and makes awful decisions. Consistently winning would be a start to get that fan base back and Dan Snyder is selling his ownership to someone else who will manage it correctly.

  19. Let’s be real: it’s not the team name, it’s not the fan base, it’s not the stadium, it’s not the rules, it’s not the politics, it’s not covid…it’s one thing and one thing only – Dan Snyder. A competent owner who could build a winner – or even the hope of one – would pack the stadium on Sunday and there is ample proof of this around the league. Sadly there is little chance of a sale happening and the Football Team fans know it. Thus they stay away.

  20. As I have said before Ron is good but the anchor on him is called Dan Snyder, until that is cut off this team will be mediocre.

  21. You mean Rivera can’t rebuild in one year what it took Snyder 22 years to destroy?

  22. Complaining about food and traffic are lousy fans. A true fan will do anything to get to the game and watch their team. Born and raised in DC, like me, we always love the team. The DC area is so transient that out-of-town politicians, contractors and lobbyists buy the tickets creating the impression that there are no true fans. But there are. Changing the name of signing a few pathetic free agents doesn’t bother me. They still have signed more good than bad free agents. The main problem has been finding a good QB and not due to lack of trying. Shuler, Ramsey, Campbell, RG3, Cousins, Haskins have just not developed. Hopefully the next one will and that’ll be the difference. #Go Redwolves!!

  23. Let’s not pretend just because they won the NFC East that they were a good team. 7-9, isn’t a good team, it’s mediocre.

  24. Winning division at 7-9 was last year dude. They will be a good team in 2021. It’s called the draft, free agency and player development. The team didn’t get worst. They got better and will be a good team. Wake up.

  25. Haskins went 0-3 as a starter last year. They would have won those games and been better than 7-9. A bad team doesn’t go into Pittsburgh and beat them. Pittsburgh was 78-1 at home if leading by 10+ pts at halftime. The Redskins beat them. Then the Skins hung tough with Tampa with Heinicke at QB. That’s a good team. I guess you think only 14-2 teams are good?

  26. Hard to be a fan of a team with no name. A team that disregards its own history to appease a small group of activists, most of whom don’t even know how many points you get for a touchdown or have ever been to a reservation.

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