Charles Woodson: When I go in, we all go in


Charles Woodson played a lot of seasons (18) and a lot of games (254) in his NFL career. He made a lot of interceptions (65), a lot of pass breakups (183) and a lot of fans.

The former Raiders and Packers defensive back had everyone remaining at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium standing, and it was not because he was the final of seven Hall of Fame inductees from the Class of 2021 to speak Sunday night.

“Anybody who was at Fremont Ross, any player that played with me, please stand up. Stand up. Keep standing. Keep standing,” Woodson said. “Any Michigan Wolverine, stand up. Any Green Bay Packer, past, future, present, all the fans, stand up. Any Oakland Raiders fans, Las Vegas Raiders fans, stand up. Keep standing. Keep standing. To anybody — anybody — who was a fan of the way I played the game of football, you stand up, too. Anybody. My [college] coach Lloyd Carr told me a long time ago, there’s no one bigger than the team. No one bigger than the team. Keep standing! Don’t sit down! Stand up! We did this together! Together! Me and you! We were Mr. Ohio together. We were a Heisman Trophy winner together. We were national champions together. We were defensive rookies [of the year] together. We were defensive player of the year together. Super Bowl champions together. So when I say that when I go in, we go in, I mean that from the bottom of my heart.”

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  1. I briefly said hello to another Raider great Willie Brown a decade ago when I was with my daughter at the Steelers game where Terrell Pryor cut a 99 yard run, Willie was very gracious in his suit and I think he was an example that Charles followed. Woodson was a great Raider and I rooted for him in Green Bay as he is a class act, just like Willie.

  2. Thanks for the memories Charles✊

    We will always have the 2010 World Championship we got together!



  3. Wow. Impressive. He’s very fortunate to have lived and worked in Green Bay. It turned out great for him and fans both, obvious by his sentiments.

  4. Charles continues to rock the ascot. He and Fred from Scooby Doo will not let it die.

  5. Amazing speech from a amazing player whose decorated career includes being named Mr Football in Ohio to winning FIVE(!!!) College player awards including the Heisman on a national championship team,,,NFL defensive Rookie and defensive player of the year and a Super Bowl winner,,,not a raiders fan ( Marcus Allen nightmares) but but Woodson’s sack on Tom Brady should have been a fumble and not some dumb tuck rule,,,probably one of the greatest snow playoff games I’ve ever seen

  6. Respect! Awesome player worthy of HOF. It was a fumble, man, I agree with you. Raiders had 5 other chances to put that game away though, and blew them all.

  7. tatupu says:
    August 9, 2021 at 7:31 am

    Respect! Awesome player worthy of HOF. It was a fumble, man, I agree with you. Raiders had 5 other chances to put that game away though, and blew them all.


    The Raiders had one chance and they did it by sacking Brady and causing a fumble which would have ended the game. You try playing a game knowing no matter what you did they weren’t going to let you win because that’s exactly what was going on that night

  8. Lot’s of great defenders in Packer history but very few better than Wood. GREAT football player, even better dude.

  9. Rodney Harrison?

    Hall of cheap shots, for sure.

    He can wait in line behind LeRoy Butler.

    Definitely isn’t in Woodsons class.

  10. Sad to learn, from Rodgers, that Woodson wanted to be back in Green Bay after 2012. The consensus at the time was, he wouldn’t take a paycut.

    Might have been the difference needed in 2014…

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