Josh Rosen regresses after a solid start to camp

San Francisco 49ers Training Camp
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Josh Rosen has become the forgotten man from the quarterback class of 2018. His 2021 training camp is turning forgettable, too.

“I think he started off real well,” 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said Sunday regarding Rosen. “I think he’s taken a couple of steps back the last few practices. You know, it was unfortunate on [interception during Sunday’s practice]. We were supposed to go to someone and we had a busted route, so then it kind of fell apart and he tried to overcompensate and he made a bad situation worse.”

Rosen has rarely had a good situation during his time in the NFL. A top-10 pick who lost his spot in Arizona after the Cardinals secured the ability to select Kyler Murray, Rosen didn’t pan out in Miami before accepting a practice-squad gig last year with Tampa. Then, he spotted an opportunity to learn from Shanahan and potentially get on the field. Once the 49ers made their big move for rookie quarterback Trey Lance, that possibility became more remote.

That said, Rosen could still develop into the backup to Lance, once the 49ers officially move on from Jimmy Garoppolo. It’s still unclear when that will be, because it’s impossible to know whether the incessant praise of Garoppolo is merely aimed to getting someone to trade for him before Week One.

20 responses to “Josh Rosen regresses after a solid start to camp

  1. Never will forget how he said he was going to make everyone who passed him over regret it.
    Still waiting for him to make those words ring true.

  2. I think you’re right Mike…best case scenario for Josh Rosen is starting the season as a healthy scratch every game as the 3rd string emergency QB,then if/when Jimmy Garopplo gets injured(we all know he will)serve as Trey Lance’s backup QB. Josh Rosen has taken a mighty fall in just 3 short seasons.

  3. Hope he got a college degree or has attained a skill, this NFL thing not working out.

  4. Remember when he was going to make all the teams who didn’t draft him pay. Good times … good times.

  5. You can’t judge a QB until he gets on the field on Sunday. What do you think the coaches were saying about Kurt Warner every time he was cut? Even when he was signed by the Rams as a favor, the Rams thought their season was doomed when Trent Green went down and they were forced to go with Warner. Tom Brady would have never gotten on the field if Drew Bledsoe didn’t get hurt. I hear what everyone is saying. This just isn’t my first year watching the NFL. I remember Jim Plunkett, Steve Young, and Brett Favre getting traded after they were “busts” with the teams that drafted them. I’m an old guy, but everyone remembers just a few months ago when Josh Allen was “inaccurate” or a “bust”. Young QB’s need reps, and when they don’t get on the field, they never get those reps. But also, the 49ers have much more invested in Trey Lance, so he was handed the starting job on draft day. Garoppolo and Rosen are just actors in the play.

  6. Considering the amount of dead money I believe Garaoppolo puts on the cap if released(I could be wrong) Rosen would be dirt cheap as a backup so would help to counter that financial situation. That being said if the 49ers intend to be real SB contenders can you do so with a rookie or 1st year Lance with him as the security net? Not much security.

  7. Or he could bag groceries for a year….end uo in the XFL for another…and…become a hall of famer…ala, Kurt Warner….not likely, but Good Luck.

    Why do we have to root against excellence?

  8. After being a former top 10 1st round pick…then finding yourself battling with Nate Sudfeld for the 3rd string QB spot…that’s gotta be absolutely soul crushing.

  9. @charliecharger it sounds like you are in my football generation. I also do not overreact However I have also seen enough to know this guy’s issue isn’t reps. The NFL game is out of his league.

  10. This spoiled rich kid needs to just hang ‘em up already. He clearly doesn’t have it.

  11. Lots of assumptions being made about these new QBs. Trey Lance could become the next Josh Rosen, then what?

  12. Rosen’s best bet is to go the Rick Mirer route; A couple of so so seasons as a starter and multiple years as a 3rd string QB. Hold the clipboard, run the scout team, play some practice ball and collect a ridiculous paycheck most of us only dream of. Dude was never going to be an NFL QB, he was a petulant whiner in college and never was very good. Arrogant, pretentious and not very good doesn’t mean you can’t cash in and walk away with riches and your health as a backup to the backup in pro football.

  13. Jimmy G’s 5 year contract is coming to an end, after this season , it’s one year left , Trey is obviously the future , they could easily trade Jimmy after the season and not get hit with massive dead cap hit ,, Rosen should stop worrying about everyone else and worrying about being a starter , be like Rodgers watching behind Favre , watch a lot of tape , take your mental reps and be ready cause your chances are dwindling ,, Everyone wants to be a starter , most are not ready .. and if you’ve done everything you can ,and not perform good – u just not cut from that cloth , u out

  14. Cardinal reached at #3 to grab Rosen , like most teams do every year ,, better to take the sure thing positional player and wait for the QB you actually want , not the one that’s remaining , sometime I feel I could put together a better roster than most of these GMs,,,, for goodness sake Madden is harder than the NFL , Julio for a 2nd round pick. That’s a joke ,, in Madden 2 1st rounders isn’t enough

  15. That’s coach speak for my excuse to cut him. Threw a camp interception and he regressed huh. Lance throws one an it’s learning hahahaha. Garappolo throws a pick and it’s rust lol.

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