Pete Carroll on Duane Brown: He’s making a statement by not practicing

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Seahawks left tackle Duane Brown is in training camp but “holding in” as he seeks a contract extension. He is not practicing.

Coach Pete Carroll noted Sunday that Brown was not going to play in the preseason anyway.

“He’s making a statement (by not practicing),” Carroll said, via Gregg Bell of The News Tribune. “He’s making a statement about what he thinks needs to happen.”

Carroll was asked if Brown’s statement about wanting a new contract will lead to him missing regular-season games.

“I don’t know. I don’t know that,” Carroll said.

That should make Russell Wilson at least a little nervous. The star quarterback made it clear after last season that he was tired of getting hit after taking 394 sacks in his nine seasons.

“We’ve got to figure that out, because we need Duane Brown,” Wilson said Sunday.

Brown is heading into the final year of the contract he signed with the Seahawks in 2018 and is due a $10 million salary this season.

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  1. So Pete, make a statement and cut him….or better yet, move him to the practice squad

  2. Too bad the NFL doesn’t allow Russell to “give” D Brown a few million of his 36 million to make him happy. Oh, and then there’s J. Adams who also is sitting out waiting for his next big payday. Say, what Salary Cap?

  3. If he’s an important player, pay him. Then cut the pay of some of the players who aren’t as important, and see how everyone gets along. You see, there’s a salary cap. So when one player gets more, other players are forced to take less. It’s not like the player is taking something away from the owner. He’s taking it away from his teammates. That’s how a salary cap works. The owner is going to pay a certain amount, regardless. That certain amount gets divided up between the players. The owner’s portion doesn’t change. I guess that’s the incentive to become a great player.

  4. Russell Wilson: “We’ve got to figure that out, because we need Duane Brown.”

    Considering his age and recent injury history, Duane Brown probably doesn’t warrant any kind of lucrative extension. He’s under contract, and a player gets a new one based on what a team thinks he can do in for it the future, not what he’s already been paid for in the past.
    That aside, perhaps if Russell Wilson wasn’t taking up a massive amount of Seattle’s salary cap space the Seahawks could afford to toss a bone or two to certain other players. After signing his latest mega-extension Wilson spent the 2020 offseason hinting he needed some “superstar” help, and this past offseason he passive-aggressively let it be know he was upset and listed four teams he would accept a trade to.
    As an passionate NFL follower beginning decades before guys like Wilson or Aaron Rodgers were even born, I’m sick to death of these prima donnas hogging an inordinate amount of their team’s pie and then whining and threatening to take their ball and go home if management doesn’t also pay to keep, or go out and buy every player they want.
    This kind of selfish narcissism is killing the game for the very fans who ultimately pay their salaries in the first place.

  5. Brown played every game last year (according to stats). Although he is 35, he’s still the best O lineman Seattle’s had in the last decade. Take him out of that line and Wilson might well demand a trade.
    Personally, I wish we still had him in Houston and sent the McNairs to Seattle.

  6. Seems like the word “contract” is just a word nowadays and players aren’t owning up to what they signed. If I were the Hawks I’d stand pat. He wants more $ but if the Hawks don’t budge he makes no $. Problem solved

  7. The star quarterback made it clear after last season that he was tired of getting hit after taking 394 sacks in his nine seasons.

    Let’s see….Russell’s cap number is $32M this year. His five starting offensive linemen combined have a cap number of ~$25M. He can whine all he wants but he should look in the mirror if he wonders why’s getting sacked all the time–aside from holding on to the ball so long. Russ sure likes to complain about everything but I doubt he’s complaining about taking up 1/6th of the teams total cap. In fact, next year he’ll probably ask for $40M.

  8. Wasn’t Duane Brown on the line that gave up so many of those hits? If he’s that good donate a few million to his contract fund.

  9. I think we will see a triple signing — Wright, Brown, Adams.
    Seattle is waiting for Wright, in order to make appropriate final offers to Brown and Adams, based upon salary cap limitations.

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