Ron Rivera: Washington will play Ryan Fitzpatrick and other starters in preseason

Washington Football Team Off-Season Workout
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Some NFL head coaches have decided that the risks of injury simply aren’t worth playing starters in the preseason. Washington’s Ron Rivera is not one of those coaches.

Rivera said today that starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and other starters will play when the Football Team opens its preseason against the Patriots on Thursday night.

“We’re gonna play our guys on Thursday,” Rivera said. “I’ll tell you that right now. I mean, it’s a great opportunity. It’s against a very good football team. Well coached. So, I’m excited about that potential. I think that having the three games and then having a two-week prep period for the first game, it’s going to behoove us to play the guys a little bit more, at least that’s my opinion.”

Rivera didn’t say specifically how much Fitzpatrick will play, other than that he’ll play “enough.”

“What you’re looking for is the command, the command of the offense, command of what’s going on on the field and I think the respect of his teammates when he’s on the field,” Rivera said. “So, that’s what we’re really looking for. We want some success obviously, but the truth of the matter is, those things all come with time. This will be our first exposure, his first exposure as our first quarterback out there right now.”

The preseason has become increasingly uninteresting for fans as starting quarterbacks have played increasingly less. Seeing Fitzpatrick in a Washington uniform will be one reason to watch preseason football this week.

17 responses to “Ron Rivera: Washington will play Ryan Fitzpatrick and other starters in preseason

  1. It’s a smart move. It would be different if it were Fitzpatrick’s 4th season in the offense, and all the starters were returning. Every team’s situation is different. You have to do what’s best for your team. Plus, it’s not like they have a HOF QB who’s entering a season with super bowl hopes. So if Fitz were to go down with an injury, it wouldn’t affect their super bowl aspirations. If Rivera has that in the back of his mind, he’s smart to keep it in the back of his mind. Overall smart move by a great coach.

  2. As a Miami fan I am going to tell all you Skins fans, you are going to LOVE the energy and leadership that crazy legs Fitz brings to your team. He is a class act and an incredible teammate.

  3. And Fitz will also win you alot of games, the NFCE is not going through Dallas with Fitz as the QB in Washington.

  4. With Fitzy in a Washington uniform, I’ll be watching a lot more WFT games in general. Love the way he plays, fearless and fun.

  5. Fitz is a very unusual NFL Quarterback: He loves the game as well as the money.

  6. There are a lot of great players. There are very few fun players. The bottom line is that Fitz makes football fun.

  7. Fitz is the greatest backup/bridge QB in the history of the game. I know he will never get a bust in Canton but he deserves mention.

  8. tigershark0052 says:
    August 8, 2021 at 4:39 pm
    NFC East: worst division in football.
    ________________________ Funny thing is that is that title never lasts for the long term most of the time, remember when it was the AFCE or the AFCN or the NFCW or the AFCS or the AFCW or the …………., I do! The term “worst division in the NFL” usually last a few years and then it switches to another division except in the AFCE case, how many years did they just sit on their hands not even trying to get any better until Brady retired or switched teams?

    The answer is nearly 20yrs!

  9. Would have been fun to see Fitz in a Patriots uniform completing the tour of the AFC East. Agreed with the comment about Fitz being the greatest backup/bridge QB ever. If there ever was a hall of fame category for that type of QB – he’d be in first ballot.

  10. If Chase Young or Montez Sweat get hurt and can’t play week one, I will be sick to my stomach.

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