Russell Wilson thinks the Seahawks’ offense can be the best in the league

Seattle Seahawks Training Camp
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This time of year, every glass is half full and every team is undefeated. In Seattle, where the quarterback made clear his unhappiness with the offense, the team’s new approach has him thinking that the Seahawks can made a major improvement.

“I think we can be the number one offense in football,” Wilson told reporters on Sunday. “I don’t see why not. We’re up for it, we’re ready, we were really good last year, had a lot of great things, but we can be even better. We’ve been watching the maturation of DK [Metcalf] and the continual growth of Tyler Lockett who has been one of the best receivers in football for the past several years. Then adding Gerald [Everett], a true playmaker in the sense, and [Will] Dissly is feeling really confident right now. I’m really excited for his season, what he’s got in store. Colby [Parkinson] too as well, he’s had a really great training camp. You guys have seen him all over the field in practice and he’s doing a great job. Our running backs, obviously Chris Carson, what he can do. I believe he’s the best in the game, so I think for us we need to find different ways of getting him the football. I think the thing for us is executing all of the details, being aggressive, and that means every opportunity whether it’s the run or pass game. Having that aggressive mentality, every time we touch the ball, we’re scoring. I think that sense, that tempo, and that aggression going after the defense is really key.”

Wilson apparently will have much more freedom to change plays at the line of scrimmage in the new offense.

“I’ve always been able to change the play for the most part,” he said. “Along my career, [former offensive coordinator Brian Schotenheimer] allowed me to call the plays and stuff like that at the line of scrimmage when we needed to. I think the emphasis of being able to do it all the time, all throughout the game is the key. I think it’s a little bit different in that sense. I have freedom for sure. The fun part is there’s so much we can do and so many reasonings and so many why’s to it. It’s been really exceptional. Really transferring that to making our plays and putting our guys in the best position to be successful.”

He added that the new offense puts greater emphasis on changing the play at the line of scrimmage.

“I think what we’re really focused on is my literally being on the line and doing that and calling it when we need to,” Wilson said. “Just playing fast, that’s what we did the whole first drive if you’ve noticed. It was really at the line of scrimmage. I think the second drive too and later on as well. The thing for us is just, for me, to be able to use what I know, my smarts and understand what we’re trying to do and how we’re trying to get to it. Also, Shane [Waldron] and I being on the wavelength and being at the line of scrimmage and checking the play if we need to. Sometimes just trust the play and going with it as well. That really puts the defense on their heels.”

One of the biggest challenges for the 2021 Seahawks will be to stay a step ahead of the defense, if the offense works well out of the gates. Last year it started strong, but the team failed to make the changes necessary, once defenses started spotting tendencies and patterns. This year, unpredictability will be the key.

And if the offense doesn’t live up to Wilson’s sky-high expectations, the next offseason could feel a lot like the most recent one.

11 responses to “Russell Wilson thinks the Seahawks’ offense can be the best in the league

  1. I think I’m going to like this new concept of QB’s calling their own plays at the line of scrimmage.
    This is some truly groundbreaking stuff. They might even feel the need to remove the speakers from QB’s helmets.

  2. Funny considering he’s only seen one offense so far, his own! They better have really upgraded that O-line and their running game or they won’t even be in the top 10, I don’t even think they’ll be the top offense in their division!

  3. Russell didn’t mention his O-line helping to keep him from continuing his sack record.


  4. Gotta pay that LT some money then. The line is gonna be ever so important to the Hawks as Wilson gets older. Hes been very good at this stage of not getting injured, but as we all know everyone gets old and loses their athleticism. The plus side is although he is short (like Brees) he flashes the ability to be a strict pocket passer with good awareness and ball velocity. He operates best with a good ground game (like Brady & Roethlisberger) and solid D. Seems like he wore down last year trying to shoulder the load. The outliers for keeping your team competitive without said ground game in recent years is Rodgers and Mahomes. Their teams always have a chance regardless of defense and rush yards. I believe Wilson is top 5 in the league. Rodgers and Mohomes as 1A & 1B followed by Wilson, Brady, and Josh Allen in no particular order.

  5. You pretty much have all the tools. Let’s see if the guy running things actually uses those tools in the most effective way possible. You know, instead of abandoning the plan because of a couple bad games.

  6. RUSS looks trimmed down. I think we are going to put together an epic season. GO HAWKS!!! Yea, as for that nonsense I was spouting about not watching the NFL because of the social justice and other off field stuff, I admit I’m not committed to a boycott. I NEED THE HAWKS!!!

  7. If the Seahawks win the division and make it to the SB, everything & everyone will be happy. If not, …..not. Seems like that can be said for most any of the teams this time of year.

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