Xavien Howard, Dolphins agree on restructured contract

Miami Dolphins Training Camp
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The Dolphins didn’t want to trade cornerback Xavien Howard and they won’t have to trade him.

Howard requested a trade when he reported to training camp because the team had rebuffed efforts to revise his contract. Howard indicated last Sunday that he was still open to resolving things with the team and the two sides have come to an agreement.

According to multiple reports, Howard and the Dolphins agreed to a restructured contract. Howard’s agent David Canter posted a tweet thanking the Dolphins for “doing something unexpected and difficult” with “absolute class and professionalism.”

The new deal bumps his guaranteed compensation in 2021 from $12.075 million to over $12.785 million and adds incentives that could push his payout to more than $16.285 million.

Howard’s 2022 compensation of $12.975 million has also been guaranteed against injury and will become fully guaranteed on the first day of the next league year. Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins have also given Howard assurances that they’ll revisit the deal early in 2022 to bring it in line with the market should Howard be both healthy and productive this season.

Howard’s been out of practice for most of camp with an ankle injury. We’ll likely find out soon if the contractual change gets him back up and running.

29 responses to “Xavien Howard, Dolphins agree on restructured contract

  1. This is fine, X more than worth it, the problem is the Byron Jones contract.

  2. Amazing news. Miami will be in the AFC Championship game this year and Howard was always a necessary component to that run. AFC will be shocked by what Flores started building in 2019. Culture in Miami is strong.

  3. Nice to see both sides Professional and showing some class. Take note Calvin Johnson….

  4. What a relief! He makes their defense so much more potent. We’ll see how the season plays out, but the Dolphins are definitely a playoff caliber team.

  5. Well that certainly didn’t take much. It must have been a thing of principal for the X-Man.

  6. Good. He can use that new found cash to hire Diggs brother to coach him
    On how to cover him.

    This is the Bills division for the next 5 years, although Miami will
    Be a worthy second place opponent. The important thing is NE is trash

  7. I hope this serves as a reminder to other players in the league especially the players that teams can’t afford not having in the line-up that they do hold immense Leverage and that they shouldn’t hesitate in using it.

    Because the last thing a team wants is a disgruntled player if he is not paid or traded coming up with PHANTOM INJURIES to sit out and still get paid. Because it would be dumb to sit out at the risk of getting Fine so just come up with FAKE INJURIES and you end up getting the last say.

  8. Amazing, he agreed to the deal last night and this morning his ankle is fine and he’s out there practicing with the team. The miracles of modern medicine.

  9. I bet his ankle is 100% better now. Should have traded him. Only a played a full season once in his career. He should of put a clause in his contract I guess him and his agent aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed.

  10. I feel for dolphins fans…they have team ready to compete in the playoffs…except the most important position on the team…Tua Tungavaiola will doom their season because he can’t throw an out route or throw more than 25 yds without the ball floating in the air…#shame

  11. Good move on MiamI’s part. Last thing you 2qnt is a reputation that you cannot hold on to your players.

  12. It cost Miami pennies in the grand scheme of things. To have one of if not the best 2 CB tandem in the game its worth it
    Jones may not get the picks but he doesn’t allow players to get open.

  13. This is why higher profile players should demand shorter term contracts. The way the market goes up by the time they get a chance to complain they will be hitting the open market again.

  14. This isn’t a cap straining move like signing a bigtime FA. They just had to make some concessions. This is a good move if he stays healthy & productive. I know alot of people are gonna try a tear this move down because they wanted him on their team. This is a complete turnaround from a few seasons ago when Miami would draft, develop, and then trade or let go of their homegrown talent.

  15. This guy makes QB’s hesitate just enough to make a mistake. That’s a huge problem for opposing teams and with him now locked up as a Miami Dolphin their defense has improved tremendously. There have been many upgrades to this defense this year but the loss of Howard would have hurt badly. No question the Fins are looking much better today.

  16. dcee101 says:
    August 8, 2021 at 10:04 am
    Amazing news. Miami will be in the AFC Championship game this year and Howard was always a necessary component to that run. AFC will be shocked by what Flores started building in 2019. Culture in Miami is strong
    The Dolphins won all of one game last year against teams that would finish over .500 and now they’re going to be in the AFC Championship game? Hahahahahaahahahaha!

  17. Jimmypinthe416 says:
    August 8, 2021 at 11:51 am
    Cap hell, millenials, poor management.

    Just thought I’d cover all the bases.


    I see what you did there!!!

  18. I love seeing Miami developing internally instead of wil=nning the off-season free-agent signings like years of the past

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