Zach Wilson struggles in simulated game at MetLife Stadium


We’re five weeks away from seeing how Jets rookie quarterback Zach Wilson will perform in a real NFL game. On Saturday night, he struggled in his first simulated NFL game at MetLife Stadium.

Via Rich Cimini of, Wilson threw two interceptions and led the starting offense to only three points in seven possessions against the starting defense. He completed 11 of 24 passes for 112 yards.

So what did Wilson think of his showing?

“Not great,” Wilson said, via Cimini. “I have high expectations for myself and this offense. I have to lead the guys and I have to make better decisions. That’s why this isn’t game one. That’s why we’re doing this. I understand that. Of course I’m going to be frustrated with myself, but I’m going back to the film room and find out what I can learn.”

First-year coach Robert Saleh had a better assessment of Wilson’s first practice without offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur just a few feet away.

“There was no one to turn to for him to talk to,” Saleh said. “To have that experience, and to be able to go through it all, these moments are priceless for him. He had some good moments and, obviously, he had some rookie moments.”

A crowd of nearly 20,000 at MetLife Stadium showed patience with Wilson. Via Cimini, there was no booing.

“It’s all part of the process,” Wilson said. “We’re all learning. I’ve got to make better some decisions, but I know I can learn from all those. This is the reason we do this sort of thing.”

The Jets’ future franchise quarterback has five weeks to learn what he can before the Jets player their first game that counts, against former Jets’ future franchise quarterback, Sam Darnold. Wilson won’t have to worry about the home crowd booing him then, either; he makes his NFL debut on the road at Carolina.

8 responses to “Zach Wilson struggles in simulated game at MetLife Stadium

  1. Gonna be a long season with no backup to turn to, and no veterans quarterback on the roster

  2. It’s early but Chris Simms is so high on Zach Wilson and so low on Justin Fields. It’s, Dk going to be very interesting how the two rookie QBs perform this season.

  3. They had to go and win those games and missed out on Lawrence. Gase should have pulled a Doug Pederson on his way out.

  4. Ok – rookie’s first live scrimmage 5 weeks before the regular season begins. Im not a jets fan, and have no vested interest in his failure or success – but its a little early to project his failure as an NFL QB.

  5. The only dopes predicting any draft pick as a bust in early August are nothing more than trolls and haters anyway. I don’t pay attention to them.

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