Antonio Brown excited to write a new chapter

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At this point last year, it was unclear if Antonio Brown would play in the NFL again as he faced a suspension under the league’s Personal Conduct Policy and had only played in one game since the end of his tumultuous 2018 season with the Steelers.

Things look a lot different this summer.

Brown eventually signed with the Buccaneers after an eight-game suspension was handed down by the NFL. He became a productive part of their offense, scored a touchdown in the Super Bowl and then cleared up some off-field issues this offseason.

A lawsuit alleging sexual assault was settled and Brown’s felony probation was terminated a year early because of good conduct. Brown, who signed a one-year deal to return to Tampa, also had arthroscopic knee surgery and said on Monday that he’s happy to have all of those things behind him.

“I’m just excited to be done with this stuff from the past,” Brown said, via Jenna Laine of “It’s a new chapter for me. I’m excited to write it. I’m excited to be here.”

Brown noted that “there’s a lot I can appreciate” after the uncertainty of last year and showing that he’s able to continue producing while everything stays quiet away from the field should lead to even more certainty about his football future once he gets into 2022.

31 responses to “Antonio Brown excited to write a new chapter

  1. Setting the personal issues aside, looking only at his football career, Brown is a first-ballot Hall of Fame(r).

  2. He’s very fortunate he came out of all this on the good end because he was certainly digging his grave with his shenanigans and antics over the past couple of years.

  3. I wonder how much can be attributed to being a friend of Mr Brady? I think Tom maybe influenced him to some degree by not only words, but actions. Good to see anyone make good changes for themselves like Antonio has.

  4. Good luck to him. He was a great football player in Pittsburgh. I am glad to hear he is cleaning up his mess.

  5. Does Vegas have an over/under on how many games he plays?
    I’m taking the under.
    Unless he is getting regular counsling and then I applaud him.
    That whole helmet issue and frezzing his own feet along with all the other legal issues show there is a gumbo of issues stirring in his brain

  6. I don’t get the hatred towards him for talking about trying to be a better person . I would root for my worst enemy to become a better person . #peoplecanchange

  7. Bucs are stacked at WR. Then you still got Gronk yet. That offensive roster is a QB dreamland, and a nightmare for defensive coordinators.

  8. Never underestimate the influence of TB12. Remember when Randy Moss was a problem child?

  9. Ryan Baker says:
    August 9, 2021 at 4:07 pm
    I don’t get the hatred towards him for talking about trying to be a better person . I would root for my worst enemy to become a better person . #peoplecanchange


    I do agree with you…people can change….But has AB changed or just his situation?….He came off a championship season and, with Brady, stands a decent chance to repeat…But Brown’s past is not so easily forgotten…It was only 2-3 years ago where his actions and antics were burning bridges with Pitt, Oakland and New England…and as I recall, he never took responsibility for any of this,….it was always his teammates, teams, etc, that he blamed for this….that’s not even delving into his off-field shenanigans…Maybe he can evolve into being a good person, but just because he is satisfied with his current situation, is not quite enough to go on….As with so many things, only time will tell.

  10. Nice to see the powers that be in the NFL are fine with this racist continuing to play. If roles were reversed, you know that if any white player had said similar things to their black GM that they would’ve been escorted out of the league post haste.

  11. tqaztec says:
    August 9, 2021 at 5:27 pm
    NFL giving a pass because he can play. Garbage league.


    Tyreek Hill says hi

  12. He got his wish, he won a Super Bowl. But I’ll always remember him as a disgusting clown over that.

  13. ladyjet says:
    August 9, 2021 at 4:23 pm

    Never underestimate the influence of TB12. Remember when Randy Moss was a problem child?

    Exactly. Tom Brady will win a football game by hook or crook. You guys are funny, you are all over AB about his character and decision making, but say not one word about Brady’s endorsement of this guy.

  14. It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks, so hopefully he can keep things this way for himself and more so the people around him, especially his kids.

  15. Best WR to come into the league since Jerry Rice. He was unstoppable in his prime.

  16. The guy obviously has mental health issues, but it seems he’s getting the help he needs in order to conduct himself in a way most of us take for granted. I wish him continued growth and success.

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