Bruce Arians laments the struggles of his offense after a day off

NFL: AUG 02 Buccaneers Training Camp
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A pattern is developing for the Buccaneers. It’s a troubling one for coach Bruce Arians.

“After a day off, our offense just stinks,” Arians told reporters on Monday. “They’ve got to break that habit. Defensively, they answered the bell. They came out and dominated the entire practice. It was good to see.”

So why is it happening?

“Ask them,” Arians said. “You can’t be warned more than every week. Dropped passes, missed assignment on basic plays — it’s just a lack of concentration.”

More importantly, what can Arians do to stop it?

“Well, back in the day we’d be out here running the shit out of them, but that don’t work anymore,” Arians said. “You go to jail for that stuff now. They’ve just got to grow up and man up. It’s been identified so they’ve got to fix it. I’m not going to fix it, you’ve got to fix it.”

When trying to fix it, it helps to have Tom Brady playing quarterback. He knows how to hold players accountable, and he can do it even more successfully than the coaching staff can.

So it’ll be fine. Arians, just like last year, will do plenty of huffing and puffing. In the end, his team will find a way to blow everybody else’s doors down.

3 responses to “Bruce Arians laments the struggles of his offense after a day off

  1. Coach Arians shouldn’t be so hard on them. Perhaps all they need is a mental health day.

  2. Sounds like BA doesn’t have control over his team. At least he has Brady there to mentor him on how to coach.

  3. Fortunately he doesn’t have to solve that problem. Coach GOAT handles the offense freeing bruce to work on his hard guy press conferences

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