Canton crowd boos Tom Brady during Peyton Manning Hall of Fame speech


No good deed goes unbooed.

Tom Brady decided to attend Sunday night’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony, in order to witness Peyton Manning’s enshrinement. When Peyton acknowledged Brady, boos could be heard from the crowd in Canton.

Brady turns around, smiling. He says to the crowd, “What’s up with that? What did I do wrong?

Brady’s name was mentioned as part of a setup for a joke from Manning about the mandatory time limits on induction speeches.

“Next year, acceptance speeches will probably shrink to four minutes. And speaking of rivals, my good friend Tom Brady is here tonight. By the time he is inducted. . . .”

That’s when the booing started. Manning paused to give that scene a few seconds to unfold.

“By the time Tom Brady is inducted in his first year of eligibility in the year 2035, he’ll only have time to post his acceptance speech on his Instagram account,” Manning said.

Although some have complained about the time limits for the induction speeches, it’s a smart move. Peter King called it “the best thing that’s happened to induction night in years.” The let-them-drone-on-as-long-as-they-want crowd argues that the Hall of Famers have earned the right to do so. The but-it’s-all-being-broadcast-on-live-TV crowd argues that, just because the enshrinement lasts for all eternity, the speeches don’t have to feel that way.

We’d argued for years that, if the event is going to be broadcast live on television, time limits are critical. Otherwise, tape the speeches, let them talk as long as they want, and edit them down for a prime-time special.

And here’s the bottom line, an observation that is true for every speech ever made in any setting or context. At the very most, the audience will remember one thing that the person says. The shorter the speech, the more likely that one thing will stand out.

18 responses to “Canton crowd boos Tom Brady during Peyton Manning Hall of Fame speech

  1. Well, the state of Ohio hasn’t had anything to really cheer about in awhile. So they boo whoever/whatever they can, whenever they have a chance.

  2. Pretty low class move by the Ohio crowd. They treat every sport like a wrestling event. It was Payton’s night but support from a rival should be respected.

  3. Manning should have just played the SNL skit of him throwing to kids. Such an instant classic.

  4. You don’t have to like or cheer for the guy, but to boo him in that environment just shows an ignorant pettiness that’s more of a reflection of the people booing rather than its target.
    Low class reaction.

  5. Time limit idea: Allow the players to submit a lengthy list of people to thank, and scroll that across a ticker (in person and on the TV broadcast). They can still thank a few folks, but they can focus on the more poignant and funny stories and stay on schedule.

  6. Brady never forgets any slight, real or imagined. You can guarantee that at Brady’s induction speech he will make a Manning reference that will elicit boos in order to get back at Peyton and maybe even Eli.

  7. So many salty Colts fans 🙂

    If I was them I’d be saltier at Manning who considers himself a Denver Bronco now. Guess he wants nothing to do with the Colts and I don’t blame him. 🙂

  8. I was watching and I thought there was a good mix of boos and cheers, and both sounded good-natured. Brady sure seemed to think so; he turned around and laughed and smiled at everybody.

  9. Such sensitive people. Players have been booed forever. Had this been any other player, people would laugh.

  10. People on here bagging on the state of Ohio.
    That crowd had people who came from all over the country to see their former stars get inducted.

  11. kissbillsrings says:
    August 9, 2021 at 9:43 am
    That’s because the Peyton fans know he OWNED Peyton & ALWAYS will


    Oh really? Brady is 1-3 against Peyton in games that matter the most…the AFC Chamnpionship.

  12. The most accomplished player in modern league history. I’m sure that makes it easier to deal with by laughing it off.

  13. Oh really? Brady is 1-3 against Peyton in games that matter the most…the AFC Chamnpionship.


    Thanks for remembering how overrated Belichick is.

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