Lamar Jackson on possibility of vaccination after second COVID bout: “We’ll see”


Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has had COVID twice. He hasn’t gotten vaccinated. He could be changing his mind.

“I just got off the COVID list,” Jackson told reporters on Monday when asked whether he’ll get the vaccine, via Jamison Hensley of “I got to talk to my team about this and see how they feel about it. Keep learning as much as I can about it. We’ll go from there.”

Asked whether this means he’ll get vaccinated, Jackson said, “We’ll see. Talking to the doctors. We’ll see. . . . I feel it’s a personal decision. I’m just going to keep my feelings to my family and myself. I’m focused on getting better right now. I can’t dwell on that right now . . . how everybody else feels. Just trying to get back to the right routine.”

Jackson could avoid future protracted absences by getting vaccinated. That’s true for every player. It’s a basic issue of availability. Players who are vaccinated are more likely to be available. More specifically, they’re less likely to suddenly becoming unavailable due to the result of a test that is administered to each unvaccinated player on a daily basis.

13 responses to “Lamar Jackson on possibility of vaccination after second COVID bout: “We’ll see”

  1. I would slow-walk a new contract extension to any player without a vaccination. He could have long haul covid effects and not be as fast or have the burst.

    Zeke Elliot never had his burst last year after covid last spring. Others like Cam said it affected them for months after.

  2. Why get vaccinated now, he’s had covid and now has more anti-bodies than a vaccinated person.

  3. My assumption based on my limited healthcare knowledge, is that if he’s now had Covid twice, how will getting a vaccine do anything more for him in terms of keeping him Covid free? At some point doesn’t your bodies natural immune system do the same thing? If not, why shouldn’t he get 3 vaccines? Why stop at one?

  4. For those of you bashing him. He beat it twice, and does not need any shot! His immune system is doing its job.. Like yours and mine. Why get a shot that can’t stop getting or giving it? Makes zero sense.

  5. Why get vaccinated now, he’s had covid and now has more anti-bodies than a vaccinated person.


    everyone says that but he’s had it twice. the anti-bodies may help prevent the effects being serious, but vaccinations will help getting it again

  6. The vaccination may keep him from being hospitalized the next time he gets it, or the next variant that comes along. Trace McSorely. Tyler Huntley anyone? #selfish

  7. The Ravens are my team and I love Jackson – but please just get the vaccine, Lamar.

  8. He’s going to talk to the team and see how they feel about it? Does he really think there’s a chance “the team” will urge him to stay un-vaccinated?

  9. What more information does he need at this point? He is going to talk to the doctors? What do you expect they recommend him do? Dude was sick after getting it a second time. Not sure why he thinks he needs to look into it further.

  10. For NFL players, a high degree of transparency traditionally applies to health issues that affect a player’s availability. As to COVID, which directly affects their availability, unvaccinated players routinely choose for little or no transparency.

    Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson demonstrated that mindset, talking about the lengths to which he’ll go to avoid an infection while also refusing to address his reasons for not getting vaccinated.

    But, really, what’s personal and private about things that could directly impact the ability of a player who earns many millions of dollars to play football? These are fair questions, especially when the anti-vaccine position taken by the player cuts so sharply against the clear preferences of the league and the team for which Jackson plays.

    Blah blah blah….

  11. It’s my understanding that after recovering from Covid a person should wait 90 days before getting vaccinated. If that’s true he wouldn’t be getting it until early November.

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