Michael Thomas suggests Saints are trying to damage his reputation

Divisional Round - New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings
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Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas hit back at his team with a cryptic tweet early on Monday morning.

Thomas, who has been the subject of several reports indicating that the team is unhappy with his decision to wait until June to have ankle surgery that was originally recommended in January, posted a tweet that indicated he believes the Saints are attempting to damage his reputation.

“They tried to damage your reputation. You saved theirs by not telling your side of the story,” Thomas wrote.

If Thomas is going to tweet that, however, why doesn’t he just tell his side of the story? Right now, the people telling the story are saying that Thomas waited longer than he should have to get a surgery that he knew would require months of rehab, and that Thomas spent much of the offseason ignoring calls from the Saints’ coaches and trainer checking in on the status of his ankle. If there’s more to the story, Thomas should tell it.

25 responses to “Michael Thomas suggests Saints are trying to damage his reputation

  1. This ingrate will now spin some revisionist history to make it appear that he is now a victim. So many guys in this league are impossible to like.

  2. Dear Michael – they don’t have to damage your reputation…you do it just fine yourself !!

  3. Perhaps a joint conference with Thomas and Peyton would go a long way to clarification of the situation, but i have a good hunch as to which party would be against it.

  4. There is no other side of the story to tell. Some people just can’t take responsibility when they mess up.

  5. Stupid is as stupid does….
    Seriously, I believe he’s done that all on his own!!!

  6. What happened to him. He was a feel good story, humble, not a diva…but over the last two years, he has changed. Social media beefs, conflict with management and team. Something is off.

  7. One of the biggest disappointments in NFL history. Comes into the league with amazing performances and then the SECOND he gets the big contract – worthless. Why would the Saints damage your reputation while you’re still on the team? Why would they depreciate your trade value?

    Either way, this cancer has to go. Ignores everyone all offseason so he can get paid to rehab DURING the season and not have to play.

  8. the only out the saints should be pursuing is conduct detrimental and a return of the bonus money. that is the only way to keep players from accepting monumental signing bonuses and then carping their way to a new deal.

  9. With the vague tweet, he could be referring to the suspension last season. No matter,he was at fault for that too.

  10. Like others, it seems to me he’s doing a good enough of doing that all by himself. This guy came into the league and set it on fire. Now he’s setting his career on fire like AB did with his childish behavior. They can’t really cut him this year but they could decide to next year and just move on. Nobody is going to give the Saints anything after what Thomas has done the past year. It’s only going to get worse but if he thinks the remaining $50M on his contract from 2022-2024 is a guaranteed thing he may find out it isn’t. I’m already tired of hearing about this guy. I was a big Michael Thomas fan. Now he may as well be OBJ or AB–not worth the headaches.

  11. Another malcontent among many in the NFL, Saint’s front office will not put up with it for long, they’ve showed that in the past (Jimmy Graham) Fans are already sick of him too, goodbye and good riddance…

  12. Dude is getting paid top dollar but held off on the surgery which ensured he’d miss half the season… right after having missed half of last season. In a couple years he’s going to like Antonio Brown catching 40 passes for somebody with people saying “remember when he was a superstar?”

  13. There’s a side that can make Michael Thomas look good. But he sacrifices his own reputation and spares someone by refusing to tell it?

    Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

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