Sean Payton on Michael Thomas: I won’t do press conference based on social media

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Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas took a swipe at the team on social media Monday, but head coach Sean Payton avoided commenting on it later in the day.

Thomas wrote on Twitter that “they tried to damage your reputation” and that he “saved theirs by not telling your side of the story” in apparent reference to a recent report that he ignored calls from Payton and others in the Saints for months before deciding to have ankle surgery in June. Thomas is expected to miss regular season time as he recovers from the operation.

During his Monday press conference, Payton was asked to comment on Thomas’ tweet but declined to do so.

“I don’t want to have a press conference based on social media,” Payton said, via Luke Johnson of the New Orleans Advocate.

Thomas’ name came up in trade chatter last year as he was missing time with the ankle injury and he also served a one-game suspension for punching teammate C.J. Gardner-Johnson during practice. There hasn’t been much talk about a potential trade recently, but moving on may be in the cards if Thomas and the Saints continue to have issues with one another.

8 responses to “Sean Payton on Michael Thomas: I won’t do press conference based on social media

  1. Michael Thomas got paid. Stopped showing up for work.

    Where have we seen this before?

  2. Thomas is a jerk. Ship him off to Houston or Detroit. Then he’ll really have something to complain about

  3. maybe he wants out now that he doesn’t have a HOF QB throwing him the ball. Either way it’s not looking good for Michael Thomas and I’m pro players but to me he’s acting immature.

  4. I can’t understand what Thomas is upset about. Loomis went out of his way to use “we” in all his comments implying the team had been in-the-loop and approved of waiting to get the surgery. (Whether that was true or not.) It’s not a great look to sign a huge contract and then miss half the games the next two seasons with a good chunk of those being the direct result of poor timing on getting surgery.

  5. What benefit would Thomas receive by waiting until June to have surgery? Does he receive more of his pay then if he had done it during the offseason?

  6. I have said it before and I will say it again. I have been saying since last year that the Saints need to move on from him. He is a poison to the team and they have to cut the strings now if they can work it out financially.

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