Urban Meyer: Jaguars don’t have a four-year plan, we have a one-year plan

Jacksonville Jaguars Off-Season Workout
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Despite taking over some bad teams, Urban Meyer never had a losing record in four stops over 17 seasons as a college head coach. Meyer has no plans to lose this year as head coach of the Jaguars, either.

Meyer took over the worst team in the NFL, but he says he wants to win in 2021, not slowly build his team up. And he says that’s why he hasn’t yet named No. 1 overall pick Trevor Lawrence the starting quarterback, because Lawrence has to prove he’s ready to win this year, not simply that he’s the team’s quarterback of the future.

“No, oh no,” Meyer told Judy Battista of NFL Media. “If he’s not the quarterback we think we can win with — we haven’t made that decision. It’s not a four-year plan. It’s not fair to these players. It’s a one-year plan.”

Meyer says Lawrence will be judged on whether he can win.

“What makes Tom Brady the greatest quarterback of all time is he find ways to win,” Meyer said. “Whether he’s a Buccaneer or with the New England Patriots, he finds a way to win. I’ve had quarterbacks like that — they win. I don’t know if we’re going to tell in a year. He throws a nice ball, that makes him one of about 60 to 70 quarterbacks. Does he win games?”

18 responses to “Urban Meyer: Jaguars don’t have a four-year plan, we have a one-year plan

  1. Egos are different at the pro level when guys are being paid and have more choices. Careful, there, Coach.

  2. I’m sure Amos Alonzo Mayer will revolutionize the NFL with all sorts of clever tricks up his sleeve. He will have Belichick, Payton and company shaking in their boots at the prospect of trying to match wits with this genius.

  3. My guy. Love what Urban is doing in Duval. Been a long time since this mindset has been here, hence the reason we’ve lost the most games in the nfl in a decade. Let the haters hate urban. Games will be here soon enough.

  4. LOL! Does this mean he’s going to tuck tail and run back to college kike Nick Saban did? It’s easy to dominate there but it’s not the NFL!

    I’ll be shocked if they have a winning record this year!

  5. That one year plan? Try and turn Trevor Lawrence into a bust. Urban can do it. He just needs to remember how great he is at everything….everything except being an NFL coach.

  6. He means one year before he has a mysterious health condition and retires.

  7. He’ll find a reason to “Step away for awhile to focus on my health and spend time with my family” within 18 months. Then he’ll be back in the NCAA six months after that.

  8. Year 1 is bound to be rocky whatever plan he has. Then he’ll fire a bunch of the assistants who he’s been spending the past few months bragging about.

  9. That’s the right mindset. I don’t know if they’ll win this year, and neither does the coach. But he’s not going to accept losing before the season even starts. He drafted one of the top QB prospects of all time. It’s a QB league. Urban Meyer will win big. Just like Jimmy Johnson when the Cowboys drafted Troy Aikman #1. They didn’t win the first year, in fact Aikman went 0-11 that year. But they’re all in the HOF now. It was a QB league back then, too.

  10. You know, Meyer is what he is, so whatever, but the NFL isn’t a place where “one year plans” go well. Of course the plan should be to win, but realistic expectations are better for everyone involved rather than promising the moon.

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