Drew Lock starts this week, Teddy Bridgewater starts next week

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Word from Broncos training camp has been that neither Drew Lock nor Teddy Bridgewater has created separation in their competition for the starting quarterback job and their plan for the first two preseason games suggests that has not changed.

Broncos head coach Vic Fangio told reporters on Tuesday that Lock will start Saturday’s preseason opener against the Vikings. Fangio also said that Bridgewater will get the start when they face the Seahawks in their second game of the summer.

Fangio said that Lock is getting the start this week because he’s been with the team longer and reiterated that he’s seen no separation between the two quarterbacks.

He also said he expects both quarterbacks to play more than third-stringer Brett Rypien, which makes sense given the need to figure out which player will start against the Giants in Week 1.

20 responses to “Drew Lock starts this week, Teddy Bridgewater starts next week

  1. When you don’t have one QB who stands out that means you have a QB problem. I don’t think Bridgewater has been the same since that horrible injury at a practice in Minnesota unfortunately.

  2. Saw enough of Lock last season. Poor footwork, can not or will not go through his pass progressions, finally, has problems reading defenses.This start is just for show, Bridgewater will start the season.

  3. I actually really like Bridgewater. New Orleans should have kept him. He was like 8-1(?) when Brees was injured and had the offense humming. He worked well there.

  4. This competition really illustrates the old adage that if you have two quarterbacks, you have none. Cause it’s almost never Montana and Young.

  5. half a QB + half a QB a staring QB

    Denver has talent, but won’t go anywhere until they get a better staring QB.

  6. Bridgewater is nothing but a check down guy who was very turn over prone last year which should be hard to do when you arent really throwing it past 15 yards. He has never thrown more than 15 TDs in a season.

    They should really just roll with Lock. In the end they both suck and we will be looking for a new QB in the draft or trade (Watson or Rodgers) As well as a new coaching staff as Fangio should have been fired after last season.

    As well as new ownership. The state of the Broncos is in disarray right now.

  7. Bridgewater has leadership qualities, Lock has the arm. They may need to play them both throughout the season. It worked for New Orleans with Drew Brees and Taysom Hill/Jameis Winston.

  8. Color me optimistic. I remember a year ago when the line was so bad that three QB’s were injured for multiple weeks. Since then, there have been some upgrades on that line. If so, this team has enough talent to post a winning season for the first time in 5 years.

  9. Rusty Nale says:

    By the end of the year, the QB position will be Denver’s strongest position.


    Mr. Elway is that you???

  10. I think they meant Drew Lock will start first, then lose the job to Bridgewater the next week.

  11. Patience folks….these days everyone wants to call a player a HOF’r or bust in their first 3 seasons….LOL

  12. I actually wanted the Bucs to sign Bridgewater over Brady last year. Thought he could be a long time starter here. Just glad that I’m not the Bucs GM. 🙂

  13. roughingthepasser says:
    August 10, 2021 at 4:02 pm
    half a QB + half a QB a staring QB

    Denver has talent, but won’t go anywhere until they get a better staring QB.
    Broncos’ fans are hoping for a starting QB. Staring QBs get sacked too often.

  14. Lock has horrific footwork.
    Only Mahomes who’s crazy accurate can get away with sloppy footwork.
    I don’t think Lock is a franchise Qb. I’ve seen enough from him.

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