Joe Burrow says training camp struggles are mental, not physical

NFL: AUG 06 Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp
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Reports out of Bengals training camp have consistently said that quarterback Joe Burrow doesn’t look as good as he did during his rookie year, when a promising season was cut short by a serious knee injury. That has led to concerns that his knee might not be fully healed.

But Burrow says his struggles are not about his knee, but about getting his mind right.

“I would say right now it’s a mental thing,” Burrow said. “I’m just getting back used to playing football again against top-level competition. Hopefully a couple more reps, a couple more days, we’ll get it back to my old self.”

Burrow hinted that he gets a little concerned when people are getting too close in the pocket, something other quarterbacks have mentioned having to overcome when returning from knee injuries.

“It’s just getting more comfortable in the pocket,” Burrow said. “Today we’re going to have a bunch of people around me in 7-on-7 and individual drills just to get that feeling back. That’s the last step for me, just get my pocket presence back and understanding when I’m pressured and when I’m not. Just getting that whole feeling back that I’ve been really good at for a long time.”

Although the news out of training camp has not been positive, Burrow sounds optimistic that he’ll be ready both physically and mentally when the season starts in just over a month.

10 responses to “Joe Burrow says training camp struggles are mental, not physical

  1. careful joe, according to the experts in here you shouldn’t talk about your injuries at all. One of your WR’s was talking about how you looked and he was ripped in the comments for it for apparently giving secrets away lol

  2. As a Browns fan I hope he doesn’t come back to form too quickly. He has the potential to be the best QB in our division and that’s saying something. But I have zero faith the bengals will build well around him.

  3. I’m not Bengals follower but I hope he comes back fully and realizes his potential in the NFL (as much as the Bengals allows) . I, and many, were looking forward to watching him play last year. That was cut short. Good luck kid!

  4. I’m rooting for this guy – and I hope what he’s saying here applies to Zach Wilson, who’s had a few tough days

  5. So what do they do? They don’t protect him and then they draft another WR bust in the top 10.

    Amazing how bad these franchises are at teambuilding.

  6. As a Browns fan, I’ve seen my team ruin QBs time after time. This feels a lot like that. I mean, Go Browns and all… but the league is better when all teams are better. So I don’t want Burrow to be ruined… but I sort of want Burrow to be ruined.

  7. My opinion is that Carson Palmer never mentally recovered from his knee injury, at least not while he was a Bengal. I hope Burrow does it better.

  8. Even if Joe is at 75%, the Bengals will still finish above the Steelers in the division.

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