Report: Contract talks between Seahawks, Jamal Adams have stalled

Seattle Seahawks Training Camp
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Discussions around a new contract for safety Jamal Adams with the Seattle Seahawks have stalled out, according to Bob Condotta and Adam Jude of the Seattle Times.

Adams, who is set to enter the final year of his rookie contract, has been “holding-in” with the Seahawks over the first two weeks of training camp as he seeks a new deal. Adams reported for training camp and has been an enthusiastic spectator through the opening days of training camp. However, he isn’t practicing himself as of yet.

Per the report, the two sides haven’t discussed the matter this week amid disagreements over contract structure and guaranteed money.

Adams is likely on the verge of becoming the highest-paid safety in football. Adams played in 12 games for Seattle last season after being acquired in a trade with the New York Jets right before the start of training camp. Adams set a record for the most sacks in a single season by a defensive back with 9.5. He also had 85 tackles, three passes defended and a forced fumble.

With the Seahawks having sent two first-round draft picks, a third-round pick and safety Bradley McDougald to the Jets in exchange for Adams and a fourth-round pick, the team game Adams leverage in negotiations. Due to the price spent to acquire Adams, failing to get a long-term deal done would be a huge expenditure of resources for, potentially, just two seasons of Adams’ presence.

“We’ve worked very hard to make this work out and we’ll see what happens,” head coach Pete Carroll said of the talks on Sunday.

If the total amount of dollars are generally agreed upon between the two sides, figuring out a compromise on structure and guarantees before the start of the season would seem to be a hurdle that will be eventually cleared. But until it is, Adams will keep watching practices instead of participating in them.

32 responses to “Report: Contract talks between Seahawks, Jamal Adams have stalled

  1. Since he’s not worth anywhere near what he thinks he is (because he’s basically a small linebacker who rushes the passer and has mediocre DB skills), I wouldn’t worry about it. Already had a handful of draft picks thrown away over him. Don’t throw away anything more.

  2. Why dump Justin Simmons/Eddie Jackson money on a guy that can’t stay healthy? Adams is a phenomenal talent, but paying him the same type of salary that guys who play 16 games make, is not smart business. This guy is awesome and plays with his hair on fire, but not cost-effective for how breakable he is. Enjoy him at his $9.86mil cap hit this season, then move on. Safeties are the RBs of the defense, there’s always a pro bowler around the corner that you can get in the 2nd or 3rd round of the draft.

  3. Sacks are nice as he plays by the line a lot but they are also fickle. If I have to pay a safety top dollar in today’s game it better be someone who can take away the deep field and cover sideline to sideline. Like an Ed Reed. Adams ain’t that.

  4. Of course they’ve stalled. You know he wants to be paid like the best in the game. Seattle’s trying to navigate the water of what to pay a hybrid LB/DB who’s best attribute is blitzing. Teams usually pay the piper for DBs that get takeaways. Or that can cover the best opposing WRs/TEs. He is nifty I’ll give him that. That’s alot of sacks from a back end position but your bringing a man out of coverage to get those. The 49ers and Rams should be have better pass offenses this year which I’m sure is weighing on Seattle’s front office.

  5. Until he is resigned the final cost of that trade is not known. If he were to demand out after those 1s were spent to get him the trade is an F

  6. Loving this. Schneider and Carroll trading away their resources for overrated players and wasting Wilson’s career.

  7. Guess what? You trade multiple #1’s for a guy and you also trade away ALL bargaining power. We already handed the guy a blank check so just sign it and let’s move on.

  8. He just saw another linebacker get 100 million dollar deal. He’s going to want at least that.

  9. This is why the Jets let him go – they weren’t willing to pay the type of coin that would keep Adams happy when his rookie deal was up. Considering he is a one dimensional player who can’t cover, he is definitely not worth that kind of money – to be the highest paid in your position, you have to be in the conversation of best in NFL which he is certainly not. Hawks are going to have several holes in their D if they take that large a percentage of the cap for one player who does NOT dominate a game.

  10. This was inevitable the second the Jets fleeced Seattle for this dude. If I’m a Hawks fan, there’s no way I want to pay him anything near what he wants when you can help so many other need areas with that money.

  11. What B.S. holding in??
    Where else can you show up for work and not work?
    The second one of the coaches tells him to do something and he refuses, he should be sent home with no pay, period.
    Conduct detrimental to the team.

  12. Russell Wilson said he’s willing to give money up so Adams and Duane Brown can get their contracts done.

  13. Injury prone diva. A poor man’s Cam Chancellor. Rest of NFC West teams hoping and praying Seattle bends and breaks to accommodate a liability in pass coverage

  14. Why is it so automatic that he is going to be the highest paid safety when he’s far from the best safety? Sure, he’s great against the run, but limited in coverage. It’s a zero sum game with the cap so while it’s great for him, someone else takes less.

  15. Carroll and Schneider painted themselves into a corner by trading away the farm for adams.
    Now they are balking at paying him what THEY thought he was worth
    I’m surprised they didn’t see this coming

  16. They literally could’ve kept Bradley McDougald and saved some cap space . Adams isn’t Ed reed or even John Lynch.
    Adams is a box safety. And like everyone is saying on here might as well be a undersized linebacker.

  17. C’mon Seahawks. You’ve got to pay max money to a safety who averages 1/2 an interception per season.

  18. The Seahawks have Marquis Blair at safety. They can leave the self-waxing Masserati in the garage this year

  19. Seattle has a certain albatross contract for their QB, who complains about the line sucking (hello Duane) and not having enough talent to win, Adams fits with what Carrol wants on D but Russ’s contract will prevent them from being able to pay and still have a decent team.

    Both Pete and Russ will be gone next year.

  20. Adams is the type of guy that will sign a deal and be happy…until the next Safety signs a better deal. After that, he’ll become a constant headache that nobody will trade for at the ridiculous price tag he’ll carry. It’s a no win deal for Seattle…but then again, we all knew this would happen when they massively overpaid the NYJ in that trade.

  21. hammmerr says:
    August 11, 2021 at 8:48 am
    What B.S. holding in??
    Where else can you show up for work and not work?


    George Constanza did exactly that at Mr. Tuttle’s office. Remember his “work” on the Penske file? Adams excelling only as a rushing safety is the equivalent of the only work on a file done being transferring the paperwork from a Manila folder to an accordion-style binder. Adams isn’t Penske material

  22. Who didnt see this coming…..Trading the farm for a player and not signing him to a contract. I expect he will play on this years contract and be a free agent next year and those two #1 picks they gave will be for a two year rental.

  23. They should give both Brown and Adams a boat load of money so that when Wilson gets sacked a lot again he’ll complain and try to force his way out or ask for a bigger contract and mortgage Seattle’s cap space.

  24. Don’t the Seahawks have the greatest GM in the history of Pro Sports? What happened 2012s?

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