Will Deshaun Watson play this preseason? David Culley says “no comment”

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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The Texans continue to put first-year coach David Culley in a position to fail.

After G.M. Nick Caserio made it clear during a radio appearance that quarterback Deshaun Watson won’t play in the preseason opener, Culley faced similar questions during a press conference, and he said that Watson indeed won’t play. But then Culley was asked a natural follow up question: Do you expect Watson to play at all this preseason?

“No comment,” Culley said.

It’s a strange response. There’s a way to provide a non-committal answer without such an abrupt and secretive reply. “We’re working through that,” for example, would get to the same place without seeming so damn odd.

Again, it’s not Culley’s fault. Others are making the decisions, and Culley is simply a bystander. Still, even when he’s in the dark, there’s a way to answer questions that don’t make people say, “What the hell is going on here?”

Maybe they don’t trust Culley to say anything more than “no comment.” Maybe he doesn’t trust himself to not blurt out something he shouldn’t. Regardless, it’s a bad situation for Culley, and it’s imperative that others in the organization give him a little more leeway to say a little bit more than “no comment” on a subject that cries out for one.

20 responses to “Will Deshaun Watson play this preseason? David Culley says “no comment”

  1. Culley knew the score when he was hired and knows why he was hired. He’ll cash his checks and do as he’s told and will head off into retirement in a year or two.

    The last thing Culley’s hiring was about was football.

  2. What’s the difference? ‘No comment.’ ‘We’re working through that…’They both ultimately say nothing so it’s not like one answer is appreciably better.

  3. Why is it assumed he doesnt have leeway to say more than no comment? We see all the time coaches and gms who although they may be great at most or certain aspects of their job they are horrible at talking to the media.

    That said the alternate example to use here wouldnt work. If he had said “were working through that” there would naturally be follow up questions on what they are working thru but by saying no comment theres absolutely nothing (other than drivel like this) that can make it a bigger story.

  4. It really just means “I’m not discussing this with you.” It’s not exactly esoteric or thinly veiled

  5. He could say something like “Hey numb nuts, quit asking stupid questions like that and I’ll quit giving answers you don’t like”. But that would be too easy.

  6. The Texans are going to go 1-15 or worse. This team has no leadership. They hired a coach that just seems to be cashing checks. What a waste of a franchise.

  7. I love “no comment” “it is what it is” and grunts for answers. That’s why I love BB 😍

  8. I personally like “No comment.” It’s not as intriguing as “I plead the fifth,” but it still works. I appreciate the defensive posture to an mundane question.

  9. Culley is a whistle to the Texans. They aren’t going to let him on any front office planning. It seems, only thing Texans intend to do with Culley is have him answering questions that head of PR should be answering before he gets to a podium. I don’t envy his position but as has been pointed out he couldn’t say no to that job

  10. I’m arriving late to this party but it seems a lot more fun. Rodgers and the Packers is pretty tame stuff compared to this.

  11. Watson is not going to play for any team this year.

    Looks like he is going to trial and then maybe jail.

    Why do they keep asking.

  12. They are benching Watson for the season so he doesn’t get a serious injury and still has a decent amount of trade value next off season (assuming he settles his lawsuits). His trade value now is next to zero because of uncertainty about his legal issues.

  13. Because the Deshaun Watson criminal case is stalled, we now watch as the “players” involved deal with uncertainty. Uncertainty, which we are all dealing with in this pandemic, is driving people mad. We are now deconstructing the meaning of David Culley’s “No comment.” We can’t handle it, apparently. Yes, this is the most awkward dance between team and star quarterback since… Aaron Rodgers. I mean, the only reason Deshaun Watson is showing up is because of money. And the team can’t trade him because Deshaun Watson has criminal charges pending. I love David Culley’s energy. He’s been perfectly cast to handle this. Absolutely entertaining. And if the Texans win more than two games this season, he’ll be coach of the year.

  14. eagleswin says:
    August 10, 2021 at 7:22 pm
    Culley knew the score when he was hired and knows why he was hired. He’ll cash his checks and do as he’s told and will head off into retirement in a year or two.

    The last thing Culley’s hiring was about was football.
    Don’t disagree with you entirely but these guys wait their whole live for an opportunity to be a head coach. No way would he turn this down, regardless of the circumstances. Who knows. He may relate well to the rest of the players, might win 2 or 4 games, and the Texans will keep him or he might set himself up well for his next gig. Anyway, let’s see what he does with the players on the field and not judge him by how he answers questions from reporters.

  15. Culley is so far out-of-the-loop that his first indication Watson will be playing will be when he sees him on the field.

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