Bills fans must wear masks in indoor areas of stadium

AFC Championship - Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
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The key to ending the COVID-19 pandemic is getting almost everyone vaccinated, but until that happens, mask mandates are coming back.

The latest place they’re coming back is in Buffalo, where the Bills announced today that fans will have to wear masks in indoor areas of the stadium.

“Per the updated guidance from the Erie County Department of Health, masks or facial coverings will be required for all fans, staff, and vendors regardless of vaccination status when visiting the indoor settings at Highmark Stadium,” the team said in a statement. “This includes all indoor areas, indoor club levels, concourses, suites, restrooms, and other enclosed spaces. If you are fully vaccinated, masks will not be required in the outdoor areas of the stadium.”

The Eagles announced the same policy today, and it’s likely that all NFL stadiums will have mask requirements in at least some crowded indoor spaces. Full stadiums are coming back this year, which is a big step toward normalcy, but the pandemic isn’t over yet.

10 responses to “Bills fans must wear masks in indoor areas of stadium

  1. Gotta do what you have to do if mandatory vax for entry is not an option or organizations are too greedy to lose potential ticket sales over it.

  2. Just who is going to enforce this? and how?


    Team security probably. Excessive fines for first offenses then banning people for multiple offenses

  3. I highly doubt they’ll “have to” enforce this. An “excuse me, Mr/Ms. Can you please use your face covering while in XYZ.” will usually result in a person doing what’s asked of them. I doubt any Bills fans wants to go to a home game to cause trouble and I doubt any visiting teams fans wants any drama with Billsmafia/Security.

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