Carson Wentz and Quenton Nelson are trending toward playing for Colts in Week One

Indianapolis Colts Training Camp
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The Colts said quarterback Carson Wentz and guard Quenton Nelson would both need 5-12 weeks to recover from foot surgery, but they both appear to be on the shorter end of that spectrum.

Both Wentz and Nelson are trending toward being able to play when the Colts take on the Seahawks in Week One, according to Chris Mortensen of ESPN.

Wentz, who had his surgery on August 2, was seen at Colts camp yesterday walking without a limp and without any noticeable protection on his surgically repaired foot. Nelson, who had his surgery on August 3, has never missed a game in his NFL career.

If Wentz can’t go, the Colts would open the season with either 2021 sixth-round pick Sam Ehlinger or 2020 fourth-round pick Jacob Eason as the starting quarterback.

17 responses to “Carson Wentz and Quenton Nelson are trending toward playing for Colts in Week One

  1. I stopped believing Colts injury reports with “Andrew Luck is fine and will definitely be ready to start week 1” and that’s only because I’m dumb and didn’t learn with “Payton Mannings neck surgery was minor and he’s week to week but should be good to go within the first three weeks of the season.

    Clearly the team found their Dr. on Craigslist.

  2. What could go wrong?! Seriously, surgies need to heal. Even it was minimal invasion, let everything heal. Colts medical team haven’t had the best track record either.

  3. Translation: Nelson will play week 1 and also weeks 2 thru 17. Wentz will play half a game in week 4 and maybe come in for relief in week 16 after his 12th major injury in 5 seasons.

  4. Absolutely insance if Wentz would play Week 1. That’d be like 5 weeks after his surgery and he’d have to practice at least SOME prior to playing. Would they really take a guy as injury prone as Wentz and let him practice within a month of surgery? That’s shades of how they ruined Andrew Luck’s career.

  5. If an Olineman hasn’t practiced in weeks, won’t it take a couple of weeks to get up to tip top form?
    Thats assuming week 1.
    If they are back week 3, and take a couple of games to get into form, the Colts can easily be 1-4.

  6. Good luck gentlemen. I hope Wentz does make it back in time for the season or only has to miss a couple of games at the most. Curious to see if he can prove the doubters wrong or will he play bad.

  7. This is great news…go Wentz…play great and stay healthy this season…I want my Eagles to get that first round pick!

  8. It would be egregious if he was to start week 1. No viable practice time and limited recovery time = recipe for disaster.

  9. Wentz doesn’t lack for toughness as the beating he took the last two years behind that horrendous eagles line demonstrated,his regression wasn’t helped by having to run for his life on near every drop back. With that being said ,as a bird fan who bleeds green I want that 1st round pick.

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