Philadelphia will require Eagles fans to wear masks in indoor areas of stadium

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
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The refusal of some to get vaccinated is affecting everyone, and the latest example comes from Philadelphia, where the city has informed the Eagles that every fan — vaccinated or unvaccinated — will need to wear a mask in the indoor areas within Lincoln Financial Field.

“The City of Philadelphia announced earlier today an indoor mask mandate throughout the city, regardless of vaccination status,” the Eagles said in a statement. “In accordance with the mandate, the Philadelphia Eagles have updated their health and safety protocols. All stadium guests and staff will be required to wear a mask when visiting indoor spaces at Lincoln Financial Field. Fans are not required to wear a mask outdoors.”

The Eagles said unvaccinated fans are “strongly encouraged” to wear masks even in the outdoor seating areas except when they’re eating or drinking, although realistically the people who are not following the public health guidance on vaccinations will probably not follow the guidance to wear masks either.

The policy is in effect immediately and will apply to all fans who attend Thursday night’s preseason opener against the Steelers.

10 responses to “Philadelphia will require Eagles fans to wear masks in indoor areas of stadium

  1. NFL games are expensive and there’s a good chance someone who is sick won’t want to forego their hard earned money and attend anyways. The NFL should impose this on all stadiums. Particularly domes with little ventilation.

  2. Raymond James stadium has the exact same protocols for this Saturday’s game. Mask inside required

  3. I am fine with it. I plan in wearing a K95 for the rest of my life. I even have one I wear in the shower

  4. Good decision Philly!
    Mask do prevent virus spread no matter what the ignorant wannabe Infectious Disease Physicians claim!

  5. It shouldn’t matter because the anti-mask people are all still boycotting the NFL. Right???

  6. I will wear a mask if i an asked to do so. I am also fully vaccinated and have been since early May. But, non-political experts have said from day 1 that cloth masks do almost nothing to prevent the spread of the virus. And they will do nothing to stop you from getting it from someone else. This has not changed.

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