“Relentless” Carl Lawson making impact at Jets camp

New York Jets Training Camp
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Jets head coach Robert Saleh said that the team’s defensive player have to be a bit more cautious after quarterback Zach Wilson banged his hand on a helmet during Tuesday’s practice.

It would help if their offensive line could do more to halt the pass rush, particularly the pass rush provided by Carl Lawson. Lawson has been credited with multiple sacks during team drills during the first two days of practice this week, which may not be good for Wilson but is good for a defense that signed Lawson this offseason to provide that kind of disruption up front.

Saleh may want cleaner pockets for Wilson, but he also loves what he’s seen from Lawson.

“He does it to everybody,” Saleh said. “You watch the tape, he beats everybody. I think he was top three in pressures and quarterback hits. It’s not foreign to him to win, but what’s cool though is his work ethic and the way he goes about his day-to-day process. He is relentless with his body, he’s relentless with his work ethic, he is an absolute professional. There’s the old saying, ‘Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard,’ and this dude, not only is he talented, but he works his absolute butt off. And because of it you see results.”

The Jets don’t have the best history when it comes to getting the desired results from their free agent acquisitions, but the past won’t be in the forefront of many minds if Lawson can continue producing once he’s facing players from other teams.

3 responses to ““Relentless” Carl Lawson making impact at Jets camp

  1. sounds like the OL is going to have a long season and so will whoever will be behind center

  2. Marvin Lewis said all these same things about Carl Lawson in Cincy in 2017 and 2018. Great work ethic and burst to get past the O-line.
    For some reason, he doesn’t end up with a lot of sacks.

  3. Top 3 in QB pressures and hits. Top 5 in win-rate. But the Bengals gave the money to a one-year wonder that was had the second most sacks on cleanup plays or plays where he was unblocked.

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