Report: Sean Payton, Michael Thomas had meeting to smooth over issues

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The fraught relationship between wide receiver Michael Thomas and the New Orleans Saints may be on the mend.

Via Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports, Thomas and Saints head coach Sean Payton had a productive meeting recently in an attempt to smooth over some of the issues that had formed between the two sides this offseason.

They had a good talk about [the issues],” a source told Robinson. “I think they both believe it’s not anything that has to go any further than what is already out there. There was some frustration from both viewpoints and that was the point of the meeting.”

Thomas is recovering from surgery to address an ankle injury from last season that didn’t occur until June. Payton expressed frustration that Thomas didn’t get the surgery sooner so that Thomas wouldn’t miss much of the first half of the season while getting back to full health. Thomas fired back with a social media post indicating the Saints were trying to damage his reputation. Payton balked about the subject when asked about Thomas’ tweet afterward. And so on.

Some friction between the two parties has seemed to exist for a while now. However, mending the relationship would seem to be advantageous for both sides and it appears as though efforts are being made to put any lingering hurt feeling behind them.

9 responses to “Report: Sean Payton, Michael Thomas had meeting to smooth over issues

  1. Drew Brees leaves and now we have problems. Watch how this goes. The gravy train has left the station and now this guy will have to catch passes from QBs who will most likely not be in the Hall of Fame. Good luck Michael Thomas. You’re going to need it.

  2. The Famous Jameis to whatever nickname they call Michael Thomas connection is back on, boys and girls! All systems go for Fantasy Football rosters.

  3. Is this meeting going to magically heal Thomas’s ankle or go back in time and move the surgery back to January? If not, then it really doesn’t matter if they smooth things out or not. Thomas elected to rehab on company time and there’s no changing it. Even if things are smoothed over, the team is still paying him millions to watch football games he should be playing in and possibly costing them additional millions in lost revenue if they don’t make the playoffs.

    This isn’t the first time he has gone after the team in the last 12 months and it won’t be the last. Thankfully they converted all his 2021 salary last year to signing bonus so that they could fit Brees under the cap. Thomas could miss the entire year and still make $20 mill.

  4. Maybe he feels as if he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place and has no choice; but, regardless, I give Payton plenty of credit for taking a meeting with this ingrate. There are so many guys throughout the league that these coaches would love to move on from but don’t or can’t. It has to be the most difficult and frustrating aspect of the job.

  5. Thomas is not making any clear, public media statements because he knows he is completely wrong in his actions,choices,and words. Can’t see much of any mending needed to be done from the team side of the issues.

  6. My guess is this story is to help boost his trade value…. Behind doors Payton had to be chewing his butt…. All that money & he held off on what should have been done & dodged BOTH the coach & medical staffs attempts when they reached out, I mean if THAT IS ACTUALLY TRUE, then he deserves ALL the bad press he’s getting & maybe even a MASSIVE FINE by the team for CONDUCT DETRIMENTAL TO THE TEAM….like each one of his game checks while he’s out…..
    I honestly don’t understand what this guy was thinking….unless he is doing everything possible to get cut/traded??!!
    So strange!!!

  7. No real hurry since he’s out for half the season. And what exactly has Payton done wrong that needs smoothing over? Why is it impossible for Thomas to just man up and say “I thought surgey wouldn’t be needed but turns out I was wrong”?

  8. Thomas got paid, he has quit on the team and been disruptive ever since the new contract. He won’t play well again until his contract year. Cut this guy, he is locker room poison.

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