Seahawks are releasing Aldon Smith

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Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said early in training camp that Aldon Smith would “get everything we’ve got, every step of the way” after an offseason arrest, but any future support he gets from the team is going to come from a distance.

Mike Garafolo of NFL Media reports that the Seahawks are releasing Smith. The edge rusher signed with the team as a free agent this offseason.

Suspensions for substance abuse and off-field indiscretions had kept Smith had been out of the NFL since 2015 before he joined the Cowboys last year. He appeared in all 16 games for Dallas and recorded five sacks, which was enough for the Seahawks to bring him onboard with the hope of an improved pass rush.

It’s not clear if Wednesday’s move is due to Smith’s April arrest for battery, on-field reasons or some other reason, but something caused the Seahawks to shift gears and move on without him.

29 responses to “Seahawks are releasing Aldon Smith

  1. Pete Carroll Tuesday: “We’re really happy with Aldon”
    Pete Carroll Wednesday: “Bye Bye”

  2. I really feel for this man. I really hope he does seek out and get the help he needs. Generational talent but just can’t keep it together off the field. Maybe someone else will give him a look.

  3. I feel so bad for him and his inner demons. He needs to hire a life coach and get himself stable.

    Forget football, you’ve got a whole life ahead of you that should be cherished and lived to the fullest.

    Godspeed Aldon.

  4. I’ll never understand why these types of athletes, with millions of dollars to be lost, don’t realize the value of having someone in their life to keep them out of trouble. Be it a chaperone, life coach, manager…whatever. What a waste.

  5. Absolutely sad. Maybe he’ll get another chance and respect it. Life doesn’t normally hand out many mulligans.

  6. Waiting for the NFL to announce he failed a test and is being suspended for a violation of the leagues drug policy.

  7. It’s the pending charges & cap space combined that is the driver on this move. Finding cap room for the two holdouts & likelihood of losing him for most of the season, anyway…..

  8. The number of chances provided to guys like Aldon Smith is Exhibit A on why the Texans will absolutely find a taker for Deshaun Watson.

  9. Absolute fool to throw away his talent, career and reputation. Having said that, I have zero sympathy for guys that cannot control themselves after repeated chances were given.

  10. If you can’t make the roster on Seattle’s defense then it’s truly time to retire.

  11. All you self-righteous posters who are comfortable casting another human being onto life’s scrap heap: Tell me, what’s the limit for “chances.” Three? Five? Ten? Please, enlighten me.

  12. Most drug charges can be dismissed, but Domestic violence, if real, is a much worse offense.

  13. “mhouser1922 says:
    August 11, 2021 at 1:11 pm

    Young and stupid … just as we all were.?”

    He turns 32 next month.

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