Stephen Jones: Worry about whether Dak Prescott plays preseason is overrated

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp
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Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is throwing at practice for the second straight day on Wednesday, which is a good sign for his continued recovery from the strained muscle in his right shoulder he suffered a couple of weeks ago.

Assuming all continues to go well for Prescott in practice, the question for the Cowboys will be whether or not Prescott is going to play in the preseason. He won’t play this week, so eyes will be on their August 21 game against the Texans as a spot to get Prescott his first game reps since last year’s ankle injury.

Prescott said last month that he was looking forward to those reps and head coach Mike McCarthy indicated that was the plan when Prescott’s injury first popped up, but executive vice president Stephen Jones said Wednesday that he’s not sure it’s necessary for the quarterback’s preparation for Week 1.

“I know people worry about that, but I think that’s overrated,” Jones said, via Todd Archer of “Dak Prescott knows how to play the game of football and whether he plays a series or two in Houston isn’t going to affect how he’s going to play against Tampa.”

Getting Prescott to that Thursday night in Tampa at 100 percent will be the top priority for the Cowboys and we’ll have to wait to find out if that process will involve any preseason snaps.

5 responses to “Stephen Jones: Worry about whether Dak Prescott plays preseason is overrated

  1. Don’t tell BB preseason is overrated or OTAs or anything else as part of the teambuilding process.

    The Jones Boys just don’t get it.

  2. Jerry Jones is a HOF owner and big time super bowl winner. His son grew up knowing the game very well. What he’s saying is a no brainer. Dak Prescott played at a very high level the minute he stepped on the field after Romo and the second string QB both got injured, and that was as a rookie with hardly any pre-season action. Dak is the last guy I’m concerned about. He also hadn’t missed a snap until this one injury, so he’s about as durable as any payer in the NFL.

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