Lamar Jackson: Sammy Watkins makes my job a lot easier

Baltimore Ravens Mandatory Minicamp
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The Ravens set out to significantly upgrade their passing game over the offseason. One of the ways they did so was by signing Sammy Watkins.

So far, the former No. 4 overall pick has been a boost to Baltimore’s offense — especially because the team’s receiving corps has been hampered by injury. Marquise Brown (hamstring), first-round pick Rashod Bateman (groin), Miles Boykin (hamstring), and Deon Cain (undisclosed) have all missed time in training camp.

Quarterback Lamar Jackson has, too, having tested positive for COVID-19 for a second time. But Jackson is back at practice and noted this week how Watkins has been a positive addition to the squad.

Sammy makes my job a lot easier,” Jackson said, via Jamison Hensley of ESPN. “Even when we’re doing scramble drills and stuff like that, he’s fighting off defenders, getting open. I missed him in the end zone — a little back shoulder [throw]. He was right there. I’m mad I missed him. I’m still mad right now, even though it’s practice. I love working with him.”

Watkins may be Baltimore’s leading receiver right now, but he’s had trouble staying healthy throughout his career. He appeared in 34 of a possible 48 regular-season games for Kansas City over the last three years, including 10 in 2020. Watkins has made it through the entire regular season healthy just twice in his career — his rookie season with Buffalo, and the 2017 season with the Rams where he and several starters were healthy scratches in Week 17.

In seven seasons, Watkins has 321 receptions for 4,665 yards and 33 touchdowns.

11 responses to “Lamar Jackson: Sammy Watkins makes my job a lot easier

  1. Yeah, he’s great! When he’s there. Don’t get used to him being available on game day.

  2. Yeah, it’s a lot easier to block than it is to remember all those routes and run them correctly.

  3. Mid season Sammy will probably mention how hard Lamar makes his job with his inconsistent below avg passing skills.

  4. unfortunately, watkins tends to only show up for about 3 games a season. the other 13 (now 14) hes either invisible or injured.
    hopefully he sees more targets in Baltimore.

  5. you know what else would make EVERYTHING easier…..getting the damn vacc. come on people

  6. Funny how Jackson believes he is smart enough about Watkins, but isn’t smart enough to get the vaccine after getting covid TWICE. We will see how smart he is negotiating his own contract, too.

  7. Sammy Watkins, so much potential. So little actual pay off. Flashes bigtime in play off games, seldom reaches them with teams he’s inked a contract with.

    The guy has banked million$ and he’ll be remembered most for being delicate and dainty instead of bodacious and feared.

  8. And very quickly the Ravens are down to “Sammy Watkins is our savior!” Tough news on Rashod. I certainly don’t want Lamar to get another case of COVID but his current approach seems like it’s not very effective in terms of reducing his risk and potential 3rd exposure.
    All of which is adding up to more excuses for why Lamar’s throwing stats and Ravens team offense continue to decline again this year, after a big decline last year.

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