Mike Tomlin: Dwayne Haskins “was in command” in performance against Eagles

Pittsburgh Steelers v Philadelphia Eagles
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A productive training camp for Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins continued against the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday night.

Haskins completed 16 of 22 passes for 161 yards and a touchdown as the second quarterback into the lineup for the Steelers against the Eagles. Mason Rudolph started the contest with Ben Roethlisberger being held out by the team.

I thought he was in command tonight,” Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said, via Joe Rutter of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “He did a great job communicating with people, going through his progressions. There was a third-down play, third-and-8 maybe, and I saw him go through three or four reads and throw the ball over the middle of the field and converted for us. That was a snapshot of the night he had.”

Haskins, a former first-round pick of the Washington Football Team in 2019, is battling with Rudolph for the backup job to Roethlisberger. The performance against the Eagles comes after he a solid preseason debut last week in the Hall of Fame Game against the Dallas Cowboys. Haskins completed 8 of 13 passes for 54 yards in his first exhibition outing with the Steelers. Both drives he piloted ended with scores.

Haskins was composed against the Eagles and said a suggestion from quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan to play like a “jazz player” paid off.

“Pretty much be smooth, and that is what I was trying to do,” Haskins said. “Be smooth, allow plays to come to me, trust what I saw and let my eyes and feet tell me where to go with the ball.”

If Haskins can grab hold of the backup job for 2021, it could end up blossoming into a larger opportunity down the road. With Roethlisberger 39 years old and nearing the end of his strong career, Haskins could position himself to get another opportunity as a full-time starter with the Steelers.

Continuing to play like he has throughout the last three weeks in practice and preseason games will go a long way toward giving him that chance in the future.

14 responses to “Mike Tomlin: Dwayne Haskins “was in command” in performance against Eagles

  1. Steelers front office picking up a young first round talent that turned into a starting QB, for… nothing. That deserves an award or something. If it happens. Just say’n.

  2. Lots of NFL backup QBs look great during the preseason. Many things change when defenses start game-planning against you.

  3. I wouldn’t be comfortable if I’m Rudolph. He is playing like Landry Jones did, a few yrs ago, and Steelers fans know how that turned out. Rudolph has a career 8-9 QB written all over him.

  4. Man, it seems like the Steelers front office is the envy of most of the league. They seem to consistently find talent in the draft (look at the WRs they keep landing) or in this case players that were abandoned by other teams. I have a funny feeling we are seeing the successor to Big Ben.

  5. As a Buckeye fan i’ve been terribly disappointed in Haskins poor attitude and awful work
    ethic going to a team with a great strong head coach seems to have wakened him up and hopefully
    that he will grow up as well .
    He’s has all the God given abilities to be a top notch QB the only thing holding him back
    is himself .

  6. Haskins talent is evident and he should be the 2nd behind Roethlisberger. Enough of trying to hand the job to Rudolph who hasn’t done squat in four years! Dwayne is the reason they are 2-0 in the preseason. Trust your eyes and not your biases.

  7. Hate the Steelers but man they sure know what they are doing. Greta pick up by the front office – kudos

  8. if by “in command” Tomlin means that Haskins looked like he understood what was going on around him, then yeah, he was “in command” against a 4-12 team’s scrubs.

  9. Haskins showed talent in Washington. He had the misfortune to be selected there when the coaching staff didn’t really want him. Haskins, of course, made the situation even worse due to his multiple immature actions. Luckily for Haskins, Pittsburgh was the perfect team for him to land with. There is no pressure for him to start and he has a coaching staff that wants him. If Haskins has matured, both he and the Steelers are going to be very happy together for a long time.

  10. Huge WFT fan here. Rivera cutting Haskins may have triggered a personal turnaround. I hope Haskins has great success with the Steelers and Tomlin, who is also a great coach.

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