Olympic wrestling gold medalist Gable Steveson considers pursuing NFL career

2020 Tokyo Olympic Games
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Gable Steveson, the heavyweight wrestler who just won a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, is considering the NFL.

In response to a gambling site that is laying odds on what Steveson will do next, Steveson tweeted that the smart money is on signing with an NFL team.

“I would hope one day I can get a tryout with the NFL,” Steveson said on Pardon My Take, via the Pioneer Press. “There are some teams that have came and have mentioned me to some agents, and stuff that have sparked interest in me. It would be cool to go out there and play football and be in the NFL for a little bit.”

Steveson wrestled at Minnesota, and the school’s football coach, P.J. Fleck, said that if the 6-foot, 260-pound Steveson wants to get some college football experience before trying out for an NFL team, he’d have a spot on the Gophers’ roster as a defensive lineman.

Making it in the NFL would be a long shot for Steveson, but other college wrestlers have done it. Stephen Neal, for instance, spent 10 years as an offensive lineman for the Patriots after not playing college football at all but winning the NCAA wrestling championship. Steveson is smaller than Neal but an even better athlete and may be able to have an NFL career if he’s willing to put in the work.

7 responses to “Olympic wrestling gold medalist Gable Steveson considers pursuing NFL career

  1. Smart move.

    He can make a whole lot more money in the NFL than he would ever make in MMA, and the workouts and practices are easier, too.

  2. There are not a lot of positions in the NFL for a 6’0 260 pound guy.

    He should go to the WWE instead.

  3. He is a bit smaller than laroy glover but is stupid strong and fast. I could see him as a situational pass rusher easy. His skills would work for sure.

  4. Creating and making the best use of leverage is just as (if not more) important as raw strength in the NFL trenches. Wrestling is very similar. The best wrestlers and linemen have an innate understanding of the intricacies of leverage, and with practice, if he can adapt to the differences of between the two sports – like playing in pads, rules etc. – then there’s no reason to think he couldn’t make it. I think investing a practice squad spot in in him and seeing where he is next season is the kind of low risk, high pay-off move that teams should be extremely interested in.

  5. I really wonder if he’d make more $ in the NFL than as a WWE-type pro wrestler or MMA. Brock Lesner, the other Gopher NCAA wrestling champ, tried tried all three and only succeeded in MMA and pro wrestling and he’s made quite a bit of $.

  6. Sure he’s 260 with what, 3% body fat? Not a lot of defensive lineman fit that profile. He’d gain weight for sure. He’d still be just 6 ft tall, but at the line of scrimmage leverage is everything and often the shorter man can have the advantage.

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