Seahawks reportedly “not budging” on latest contract offer to Jamal Adams

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The Seahawks are trying to draw a line in the sand through the tide that’s crashing into their shins.

A year after sending a pair of first-round picks to the Jets for safety Jamal Adams without signing Adams to a new contract, the Seahawks have made a final offer to Adams, and they’re reportedly “not budging.”

Per the Seattle Times, the team made its final offer last Friday. Four-year extension worth $17.5 million per year, with $38 million guaranteed. Adams wants $40 million guaranteed. The two sides also differ on cash flow, with the Seahawks wanting to spread bonus money over four years and Adams wanting it to be spread over three.

Adams is due to make $9.86 million this year under the fifth-year option of his top-10 rookie deal. The franchise tag for safeties is projected to be $13.5 million in 2022. That becomes a franchise tag in 2023 of $16.26 million.

Thus, the Seahawks can keep Adams for the next three years at a total payout, one year at a time, of $39.67 million, an average of $13.2 million per year.

Of course, this presumes Adams will show up and play. For 2022, he’s holding in — and the team is allowing it. Next year, he’d be able to sign his franchise tender just before Week One and make it all. In 2023, he could sit out the entire year and, as a practical matter, force his way to free agency in 2024, given the rules of the tag.

More immediately, the impasse sets the stage for a potentially awkward mess between the Seahawks and a player with a well-established history of speaking his mind when unhappy. What’s the endgame for Seattle? Telling him enough is enough and it’s time to  start practicing and playing? Good luck with that.

By not signing Adams to a new contract last year, the Seahawks planted the seeds for the current drama. With such a relatively small amount currently separating the two sides, the best play for Seattle would be to give him what he wants. Any other approach risks Adams beginning to view the Seahawks the way he previously viewed the Jets.

17 responses to “Seahawks reportedly “not budging” on latest contract offer to Jamal Adams

  1. Who didn’t see this coming when they traded for him? It was dumb to give up so much for a guy and not get him signed to a deal. Brilliant move by the front office.

  2. Does being in the secondary of the Seahawks, make you become unstable mentally? Just look at the Legion of Boom…Thomas, Browner, Sherman…

  3. NFL is a bottom line business. Stick to your guns Jamal. That defense will be toast without you. You know it and they definitely know it. Hold out until they cave. They will

  4. This guy is just going to be an egotistical problem child no matter what. It’s always going to be all about him. EG) EGO EGO. Good Luck Seahawks!

  5. I don’t know whether the guy’s worth it – they usually aren’t, let’s be honest – but this seems like a pretty small difference to be causing an impasse.

  6. Jamal, ask Leveon what being overly stubborn got him- also- do you care about winning, or just your slice of the pie?

  7. One of the most overrated players in the league. There are run-stuffing ILBs who cover better than he does.

  8. Adams needs to look to Russell Wilson’s team-first approach to negotiations…oh, wait. Never mind.

  9. Sign a head case, get one. Love the talent. Hate the attitude. They’re not divisible.

  10. Totally disagree that Seahawks should just give Adams what he wants. They are paying 2.5 mil per year over the current highest paid safety. The $38M guarantee is also over the max over established nfl contract norms. So Seahawks are well overpaying on both yearly average and guarantees, but they should just keep going higher? No, at some point the player has to be realistic and play, especially when the team’s offer is well over established market norms. It’s either that or welcome to the world of Leveon Bell, where u foolishly fadeinto nothing for the sake of unreasonable $ demands.

  11. httwft says:
    August 13, 2021 at 1:11 pm
    Russell said he’s willing to give up some money to get this contract done I thought?

    Not give up money. Just restructure the money to free up cap space now.

    Aside from that though, I can’t let a Jamal Adams article go by without saying this is in the top 5 of worst trades in NFL history. Gave up 2 firsts and a third when everybody alive (except Pete and John apparently) knew this hold out drama was coming and that they were going to have to make him the highest paid safety in the league. And as good as he is, he’s still a safety. He’s not an inside LB or DE, or even a shut down corner. No safety is worth that much, not even prime Earl Thomas. Such a dumb trade.

  12. Dude’s always been a PITA and hasn’t contributed anything worth dealing with it for a long time.

  13. Even as a Seahawks homer, this trade was really bad. Getting fleeced by the J E T S makes it even worse. I hope the team sticks to its principles and does not increase the offer. This dude is super dynamic and a playmaker, but his coverage skills are nowhere close to elite.

  14. He’s not signing over 2 million? And having 4 years getting guaranteed instead of 3? Greed in the worst way. Take the money and if you are unable to play cause of injury you get paid for the next 4 years. Hopefully your smart enough to save it. But after reading this article I have my doubts

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