Exasperated Seahawks plan to let Jamal Adams finish rookie deal, tag him twice if need be

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The Seahawks are at the end of their rope in the Jamal Adams negotiations.

More than a week after making reportedly a final offer to the fifth-year safety and with no plans to budge, a league source tells PFT that the team is truly done negotiating with Adams. They believe they’ve made a fair and appropriate offer, and that if he doesn’t want to accept it, he can play out his option year and get franchise-tagged twice, for 2022 and 2023.

The Seahawks also are learning that which the Jets concluded before trading him last year — he’s not easily manageable. Or, as the case may be, not manageable at all.

Seattle believes it treats players properly,  that it pays them the appropriate amounts. They’ve reached the point where they’ve decided to let it play out one year at a time with Adams, more than confident that when push comes to shove he will show up and play.

Those familiar with Adams from his time with the Jets aren’t surprised. The Jets traded him in part because they believed they couldn’t reason with him. And by giving up a pair of first-round picks in trade for him without signing him to a new deal, the Seahawks were inheriting a potential if not inevitable impasse.

As recently noted, Adams will make $9.86 million this year under the fifth-year option. The franchise tag for safeties is projected to be $13.5 million in 2022. That then becomes a franchise tag in 2023 of $16.26 million. The Seahawks are presently content to pay him one year at a time, with the understanding that, after three years, he’ll become an unrestricted free agent. (They could still apply the transition tag in 2024, at a 20-percent raise over his 2023 salary. That would preserve their right to match any offer sheet he signs with a new team. A third franchise tag would become far too expensive, since it spikes to basically the quarterback tag.)

This doesn’t mean the Seahawks can’t or won’t change their minds. For now, however, they’re content to move forward. At some point, they’ll need to communicate to Adams, who has been out of team drills with the team’s consent, that the time has come to start practicing and otherwise preparing for Week One, against the Colts.

It’s possible that Adams will simply decide to accept the long-term financial security the Seahawks are offering. A major injury in 2021, for example, would cap his guaranteed earnings at $9.86 million. However, Adams is as stubborn as he is talented. There’s no reason to think he’ll blink. Although the Seahawks seem to think he’ll cooperate with the one-year-at-a-time approach, it remains to be seen how he reacts once it becomes clear that, if he doesn’t take their last, best offer, there won’t be a long-term deal.

60 responses to “Exasperated Seahawks plan to let Jamal Adams finish rookie deal, tag him twice if need be

  1. He learned negotiating and career building skills from his teammate LeVeon Bell. See how it works out for Jamal. Maybe he has a rap career to fall back upon too.

  2. one of those “I told ya so” moments. Everyone knew signing him and giving away the farm to get him was a very stupid move.

  3. The Jets fleeced the Seahawks and everyone outside of the Seattle front office knew it the second the trade was locked in.

  4. How is this news? I think the writing has been on the wall since his time with the Jets. He felt he was mistreated there and feels the same in his current situation. I realize the NFL doesn’t last long for most position players but this is generational wealth that he is being offered that give him a level of protection against injury (which is needed the way he plays). He believes he is a top 3 safety in the league and wants to be paid as such. Most others see him as a DB that needs his number called upon to make plays in the blitzing game. He’s undersized as an every down pass rusher and doesn’t have the skillset to cover the games best TEs/WRs. This may be his last chance to get a big deal. If he blows this and pulls the “hold out/hold in” card then he’s risking his future. Speaking of which, whatever happened to LeVeon Bell? He didn’t realize his worth, hopefully this young player doesn’t pull the same shenanigans.

  5. I still can’t believe Seattle traded two first round picks for a safety. A safety who isn’t a ball hawk like an Ed Reed. A box safety. It’s still mind boggling.

  6. Getting rid of a low character guy like Adams was addition by subtraction for the Jets. Acquiring a couple of first rounders makes it a steal. Guys like Adams, Thomas, etc are exhausting to deal with.

  7. Geez, kinda hope he doesn’t sign after reading those numbers. That’s saving like 12 mill over 3 years with no liability beyond the year if he gets hurt.

  8. Adams is starting to remind me of T.O. and A.B. I seriously do not know how the Seahawks have managed to do as well as they have over the last few years, given the dysfunction they seem to court.

  9. Shocking. He isn’t worth it. Nobody will appease him until he figures out how to cover receivers. Jet’s fleased the Hawks and should just accept it and should cut ties if he continues to be a child

  10. Seems strange to me. The two sides aren’t even that far apart on dollar amounts. Is Adams really going to give up all that guaranteed money and security over a small difference? Not sure the Dak Prescott approach will work when you’re not a QB and you’re not dealing with an overpayer like Jerry Jones.

  11. Seahawks have to prepare themselves to cut their losses with this guy. When they picked him up last year, they took a chance that he might be the wildcard that could help them with a Super Bowl run, much like the Percy Harvin deal. Super Bowls cure a lot of things. But everyone was floored by their wildcard loss, with a broken-down Adams unable to defend against the pass. Is anybody sure this guy doesn’t have degenerative shoulder issues? Plus, the Seahawks will have to revamp their defense to fit around Adams’ maverick style and now he’s not even practicing. Seahawks therefore have to be prepared to admit they made a mistake and ride out the disruption this year and maybe next.

  12. One of the most overrated players of any generation. Guys like Polamalu and Reed could do it all. This guy only does half and expects top pay. I’d rather have Vonn Bell at half the price.

  13. Maybe hard to get paid on a team that has quarterback sucking up salary. Better off with fins, broncos, etc. Anyone but Seattle! Russell Wilson sucks up all the cash flow. Will be same when receiver comes up.

  14. “The Seahawks also are learning that which the Jets concluded before trading him last year — he’s not easily manageable. Or, as the case may be, not manageable at all.”

    So, he’s Earl Thomas.

  15. I’d be interested to know if his agent has ever worked with the Seahawks before. The guy either doesn’t understand (or believe) that when the Seahawks are up front and transparent they are being just that…transparent.

    There are a few things they won’t violate ever and those things are their core values. There is a reason Tuesday’s are called “Tell the Truth Tuesday”, because transparency is a core value. All these values are what make the organization one of the best in the league. Players know they team will never BS them. Never lie to them. So if an agent thinks they will veer from their core values then the agent is doing their client a disservice. I think Jamal Adams needs to consider finding a new agent because this guy is making a huge mistake. He risks putting his client into a bad frame of mind. And any player in a bad frame of mind runs a greater risk of injury because instead of playing with passion and love they are playing with anger and frustration.

  16. If he signed a long-term deal, he’d just hold out in two years when he felt underpaid again. You can’t win with this guy.

  17. The Jets absolutely fleeced Seattle on that trade and everyone should have seen this coming.

  18. This is just posturing by both sides. Seattle made a very good offer to Adams and he knows how good he has it in Seattle compared to slumming it with a terrible organization like the Jets. He’ll get signed before the season, ball out, and this will be a distant memory by week 3.

  19. Ha, ha, ha….where’s all the Jet haters now. You know the ones that were talking all the s__t about how the Jets were a joke and why would Adams want to start problems for the Seahawks. Score 2 1sts and a 3rd round pick for Joey D for a malcontent.

  20. Seattle has let better players than Adams walk based on self-centered attitude. If you can’t play nice there, no other organization is going to be banging down the door to inherit a problem child. Emphasis on child.

  21. Adams isn’t going to play under that scenario and the Seahawks know it. Adams thought he was being gracious by playing after the trade without a new deal. That’s as far as he’ll go. He knows how much the Seahawks paid in draft picks for him. They can threaten tags all they want but next year when the Seahawks again have no 1st round pick and the player they used it on is holding out they will blink. Every team would in that situation. That’s what happens when you give up those kind of picks for a player. They have the leverage because they will hold out. This isn’t LeVeon Bell where the Steelers spent a 2nd round pick years earlier. It’s a much greater cost at a much more recent time.

  22. He’s still young enough to suffer a serious injury and comeback full strength. I hate the Jets, and I’m glad that Adam’s doesn’t roam the back half for them anymore. But dude, if he can’t negotiate with a 2nd team, only an idiot would put himself inline to be the 3rd

  23. If Adam’s truly feels his worth is more than what he was offered, he will have no issue playing for the one year tag contracts that are fully guaranteed.

  24. As Marshawn Lynch said after the Super Blunder, “Football is a team sport.” Teamwork goes both ways, yet both Seahawks and the players they sign sometimes seem to have trouble with the bilateral intent and commitment of teamwork.

    Hopefully, the Adams “resolution” clears enough cap space to sign Duane Brown and KJ Wright.

  25. The funniest part of this is that the BEST outcome that the Seahawks can hope for is that they’ll be grossly overpaying a box safety/outside linebacker with a ‘me first’ attitude.

  26. Hahahahahahaahha, could have happened to a better guy, this will be a three year drama, that’s a lot of popcorn!!

  27. When you give up two first rounders, naturally the player thinks they have you cornered. (See Leremy Tunsil in Houston). However, the Seahawks are smart to leverage the tag as by the time he reaches UFA status he’ll be in his later 20’s and possibly holding less leverage. The year-to-year keeps him motivated (angry) as well unless he becomes such a monumental distraction in an effort to force his way out. Could backfire badly on him because as good a player as he is, teams just don’t want a massive headache to manage on a daily basis. His reputation in that regard is growing.

  28. Two trade two first round draft picks for a guy who was never happy with his contract is just bad business. Leopards don’t change their spots.

  29. This is today nfl it’s a league full of over paid divas I watch a little less each year.

  30. “John Schneider is the greatest GM in the history on pro sports”- Every Seahawks fanboy.

    Come on now.

  31. This one is on Seattle for a bad trade and Pete stuck in his ways, should be Pete’s last year if they don’t get to the playoffs. But. You would think with what happened to Dennis Schroder of the Lakers who threw away $84 million because of his ego that these idiot players with their greedy agents would realize to take what you can and be happy. Adams could blow out his Achilles and that pretty much would end his career at least money making opportunities.

    Adams only option is to hold out and lose money, and throw away his most likely last chance to get a really good contract with good guaranteed money.

  32. So to sum it up, players ask for a lot of money, then when the team doesn’t have enough money to sign quality FAs, they say they’re not getting the help they need and demand to be traded.

  33. Kudos to Seahawks management finally taking the rose colored glasses off and dealing with these malcontents in an adult manner. Maybe that will send a message to the rest of the prima donnas in the league dont sign a contract unless you plan on playing out that contract. I’d say the Seahawks will be better off tagging him two years in row and then cutting him loose by that time he will be in the league 7 years and his ego will tell him he needs Mahomes kinda money.

  34. “This is today nfl it’s a league full of over paid divas I watch a little less each year.”

    I notice everyone complains about the players making too much but nothing about the filthy rich owners that can afford to pay these salaries and still be filthy rich. The players are trying to make as much as they can just like the owners are. The difference is the players have a short time frame to do it in so they try to max out their earnings when the opportunity is there. Most of the players only get a few shots at a new contract.

  35. This contract is more than generous and he’s a fool for not signing, but as a Seahawk fan, I hope Adams turns this contract down. He’s good, but not $16mil/year good. They already have great depth at safety and have players like DK that they’re going to have to pay shortly as well. The Seahawks need to admit they made a mistake, cut their losses and move on. Cut him now, use the money to sign KJ. Adams is crazy if he thinks he’ll get a better offer somewhere else. No other team is going to want to deal with Leveon Bell 2.0.

  36. Saying Adam’s However, is as stubborn as he is talented sounds okay. Saying he talent is not worth the trouble is more like it. I watched him cover Gronk his rookie after Adam’s said, Gronk has never seen a rookie like him. Gronk had two TD’s so Adam’s was right, kinda.

  37. Can’t help but chuckle at people saying it was a mistake to sign Adams. If the worst case scenario is that he plays 2 years for Seattle under his rookie contract, leading the team in sacks for one of those years, and then plays 2 more years under the franchise tag, which as a safety isn’t all that high – and significantly less than they likely offered him – AND doesn’t come with any long-term injury guarantees, man I just can’t see how that’s a bad deal for Seattle. I know there are a lot of sour-grapes Jets fans that want to believe Adams isn’t a great player, but come on now, that’s just silly. The dude is an all-out baller, the kind of player EVERY coach wants to have on his team, the athlete that can play anywhere, do anything, and elevates the play of everyone around him. Yeah, he’s hard to deal with sometimes, but its because of the same passion that drives his game.
    And the cost for Seattle? 2 first round picks. Earl Thomas was the last time Seattle had any success with a 1st round pick. Seattle doesn’t value 1st round picks like other teams. They would prefer to trade them than use them. Especially to a team like the Jets, in the AFC and with an average of under 5 wins over the last 5 years. Not likely to be a threat to Seattle anytime soon.

  38. I think the issue here isn’t really the numbers but how Adams will react to the take it or be tagged for the next 2 years position. Based on his history, it looks like disruptive storm clouds are on the horizon.

  39. tgsot says:
    August 16, 2021 at 2:17 am
    The Jets absolutely fleeced Seattle on that trade

    Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while

  40. Maybe the Seahawks shouldn’t have given up two 1st rounders if they were going to be a stickler over 2 million guaranteed.

  41. bwdjr says:
    August 16, 2021 at 11:19 am

    I notice everyone complains about the players making too much but nothing about the filthy rich owners that can afford to pay these salaries and still be filthy rich.


    That’s because of the salary cap. It’s not the owners who will have less money if they overpay Adams; it’s his fellow players who will have less money.

    On a roster of 53 guys, someone for whom it’s “never enough” is diminishing everyone else’s chance to make money and stay employed, and almost everyone else on the team is already making far less than Adams. His leverage might even end up in another guy losing his roster spot to help pay for Adams’ demands.

    It might be one thing if the team was being unfair in their offering. But they’re offering him years of guaranteed security and a rich contract.

  42. purpleguy says:
    I think the issue here isn’t really the numbers but how Adams will react to the take it or be tagged for the next 2 years position. Based on his history, it looks like disruptive storm clouds are on the horizon.

    I totally agree. This could, and likely will get ugly.
    That said, while Seattle has only itself to blame for aligning itself with this guy, the franchise does have a history of drawing a line in the sand and standing behind it (see Earl Thomas).
    Jamal Adams is still under contract for another season, and will remain so if he sits out all of 2021. Even if he returns by week 10 in order to get credit for the season he could still get tagged twice.
    If Adams is serious about holding out he could literally forfeit 2-3 years of his prime. I don’t think Seattle will budge, and it would have a hard time trading him after he’s pulled the same shtick with two teams.
    The draft capital used in the trade is long gone, so Seattle has nothing to lose by not digging itself a deeper hole than it’s already in. Let’s see if Adams is stubborn enough to sit out that long without drawing a paycheck.

  43. Money doesn’t change people it makes them more of what they already are. The Jets were happy to offload this guy for a reason.

  44. Not to pick on the Seahawk’s GM but how do you trade 2 1st rounders without getting the guy to agree to his future contract BEFORE you pull the trigger on the trade?

    You knew this day was coming, why go down the rabbit hole if you think this is your guy for years to come?

  45. Jets were more that happy to use one of the picks in the trade to take Alijah Vera Tucker. Adam’s is a great pass rusher who won’t ever be happy until he’s on the Dallas cowboys……… Good riddance

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