Jaguars will pay $3.65 million of Joe Schobert’s 2021 salary

Jacksonville Jaguars v Baltimore Ravens
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Linebacker Joe Schobert will make $7 million in guaranteed salary in 2021. More than half of it will come from his former team.

Per multiple sources, the Jaguars will pay $3.65 million to Schobert as part of the trade that sent him to Pittsburgh for a sixth-round draft pick in 2022.

Why $3.65 million? It’s exactly half of what he’s due to make this year, factoring in $300,000 in per-game roster bonuses.

Schobert exits Jacksonville then with $18.15 million for only one season of football. He started all 16 games in 2020.

Schobert, as one source explained it, also converted $2.36 million of his remaining salary to a signing bonus, in order to shrink the cap charge for 2021. The balance of Schobert’s contract remains unchanged, with non-guaranteed salaries of $8.75 million in 2022, $10.25 million in 2023, and $10.75 million in 2024.

16 responses to “Jaguars will pay $3.65 million of Joe Schobert’s 2021 salary

  1. New Jags regime didn’t want to pay 10 mil/year moving forward – can blame old regime. Steelers get league leading tackler and pro bowler at position of great need for 3.5 million, with no future obligations, but they could restructure contract if they want. Colbert’s pretty good at this stuff.

  2. He started every game last year, then got traded for a 6th-round pick and threw in $3.5 million in salary. Doesn’t add up.

  3. Schobert’s career-best season was in 2018. He earned a 76.8 PFF grade and an 87.7 coverage grade that ranked second only to Seattle Seahawks veteran Bobby Wagner. Since that banner year, Schobert has played 1,000 snaps for two different teams but failed to recapture that magic. Joe’s a great tackler as long as you don’t expect them around the LOS.

  4. Jags GM must of lost to the Steelers GM in some kind of bet to pay that 3.6 guaranteed..

  5. I guess the Jag’s GM thought they were going to cut Schobert and be on the hook for the whole 7.3 million. If a team picked him up on a one year minimum contract the Jags would have still owed him over 6 million (assuming offset language in his contract). So the Jags got the Steelers to take him, only have to pay half of his salary, and get a 6th rounder next year to boot. It’s logical,but to me, it doesn’t make much sense unless those young linebackers on the Jags are sure-fire, can’t miss, prospects.

  6. Worst case scenario, Steelers get a starting talent player for a 6th and $3.6 million.

    We stole him!

  7. obviously the commentors havent watched joe.. tackle the guy and get dragged 7yrds schobert.. this guy is a bust.. he was gonna get cut the steelers could have got him for league min with no pick leaving.. colbert is an idiot.. schobert sucks folks.. stop reading stats from 2018 and calling him a pro bowler he was a 3rd alternate for crying out loud…..

  8. Jaguars doing Jaguarsy things.

    New coaches, owners, GMs, players. Same stupid moves.

    Good luck.

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