Report: MRI on Jordan Love’s shoulder comes back clean


Packers quarterback Jordan Love had his preseason debut cut short on Saturday night, but it doesn’t look like he should be limited in the future.

Love was set to play three quarters against the Texans, but left at halftime after getting “dinged up” on second quarter sack. Love said he was feeling good after the game and tests on Sunday reportedly show no reason for concern.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that an MRI of Love’s right shoulder came back clean. That should allow for Love to get back on the practice field this week.

Assuming that’s the case, Love will get a chance to work against the Jets defense in a couple of joint practices before next Saturday’s game between the two teams. Love was 12-of-17 for 122 yards and a touchdown before exiting against Houston.

24 responses to “Report: MRI on Jordan Love’s shoulder comes back clean

  1. Love looked like a stud. Especially compared to how Minnesotas backup qbs looked.

  2. Not a bad game at all considering it was his first live action in 20 months. He looked poised and confident even when protection broke down. Looking forward to the next 2 preseason games.

  3. Yep, just one preseason game but Love vs. Fields (next year) should be a lot of fun to watch for years to come. Finally (and admittedly) more than a one QB division. It’ll go back to a two team race for NFC Central. Lions and Vikes are going to be terrible for the foreseen future.

    Go Bears!

  4. “Not bad all”? First game in 2 years and almost ended up on IR…real promising.

  5. HagemeisterPark says:
    August 15, 2021 at 1:14 pm
    Love looked like a stud. Especially compared to how Minnesotas backup qbs looked.
    The obsession is obvious. So you are proud that a first round pick out performed a UDFA and a third rounder. You might want to sell your ownership “stock”.

  6. Jordan Love did a decent job last night.
    A little uneven at times, but a nice return to live action after so much inactivity.
    The Packers have spent a lot of time reworking his mechanics and improving his footwork.
    Eventually, he should be able to put it all together and, in Matt LaFleur’s words, let it rip.

    I have to say that it’s nice to have an honest and straightforward head coach who just tells it like it is without lying about injuries, playing time…..

  7. Those terrible Packers drafted a backup quarterback in the first round. Look how bad that turned out with Rodgers . . . oh wait . . .

  8. Yeah Randy, those Packer fans can voluntarily contribute to the team financially (“stock”). Our system in MN is much superior . . . the government just requisitions what it wants to support our Vikings’ and their storied history of racking up NFL titles and we get no say in it.

  9. Aaron will get most of the reps in the joint practices with Jets. J-Love will get more of his time to shine in the preseason game against the Jets.

    Everything going so well in Green Bay I gotta wear shades.


  10. For a first time out there, he did fine — also nice to see Aaron coaching him on the sidelines. But for me, the great breakthrough was how Devin Funchess looked — the guy is a contender for top-tier wide receiver status. He made a one-handed grab that was Sports Center material.

  11. “I like QB’s without vaccine drama.”

    Is it confirmed all of yours are vaccinated?

  12. “It was actually kind of slow to be honest,” Fields said

    I am actually kind of slow to be honest, Love said

  13. Really couldn’t tell much from Saturday night’s game .. the ball does seem to have some zip on it when Love releases it, but two quarters in an exhibition game against the mighty Texans tells us nothing. How the Packer front office is going to make a decision on Aaron’s future for the 21-22 season is really going to be a mystery. Probably would have been better to add two draft picks to the roster to help us finally make it to this year’s Super Bowl than to have moved up to draft a quarterback. If they plan on letting Aaron go at the end of this season, then they’d better draft one hell of a punter – they’re gonna need the second coming of Ray Guy.

  14. The other downside to being a below average quarterback, you get injured often. Trying to tackle on interception, sacks, always running,

  15. I thought he was impressive and had command of the offense. The ball definitely has some zip on it. His eyes were downfield and not looking at the pass rush. Accuracy needs to improve. The talent is definitely there. J Love and J Fields look like they are going to have some epic battles in the future and are the future at QB in the North.

  16. He is not a rookie so he should have better command of the offense. Especially when you learn behind a HOF QB.

  17. On the other hand, the backup O Line wasn’t very good, the Special Teams are still a disaster, the run defense was terrible, and while Love looked okay, he only managed one drive in two quarters. LOTS of work to be done.

  18. Imagine if Love got seriously injured? Rodgers could probably get them to sign Brian Bosworth at that point lol.

  19. Wafflestomp says:
    August 15, 2021 at 2:28 pm

    I have to say that it’s nice to have an honest and straightforward head coach who just tells it like it is without lying about injuries, playing time…..

    Yes, Or invoking “pad level”, “we’ll get it corrected”, etc.!

  20. I am not worried (yet). Rodgers got to play sparingly in his first few years. After what seemed like only a few snaps Rodgers broke his foot and was out. After so many years with iron man Favre it looked like the Packers made a terrible mistake. Relax.

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