Tim Tebow gets 16 snaps at tight end in preseason opener

Cleveland Browns v Jacksonville Jaguars
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Quarterback-turned-tight-end Tim Tebow was back on a football field on Saturday, which also was his 34th birthday. Whether he’ll be on a football field four weeks from today remains to be seen.

Tebow participated in 16 snaps at tight end against the Browns, 24 percent of the offensive reps by the Jaguars. He had no involvement in special teams.

Of 21 Jaguars who had passes thrown their way, Tebow was among six who was targeted once with no receptions.

Tebow would have had a nice catch (or at least a chance to make one), but receiver Tavon Austin broke in front of Tebow and caught the ball instead. The more viral moment came from a block by Tebow that was anything but devastating.

The unofficial depth chart showed Tebow in a three-way tie for fourth string. He surely has plenty of work to do to stick around as a member of the 53-man roster or the practice squad.

The fact that he wasn’t used on special teams may be an ominous sign, since it’s unlikely that he’ll be so high on the depth chart that he’ll avoid the extra duties. Of the six tight ends who played on Saturday night, Tebow was the only one to not be involved in a single special-teams play.

15 responses to “Tim Tebow gets 16 snaps at tight end in preseason opener

  1. He sealed the edge and allowed a good gain on the block in the video. Who knows if he makes the team or not but dont think that block hurts his chances.

  2. I’m glad some fans are happy with how Tebow blocked. Good grief. Talk about low expectations.

  3. Urban Meyer will not cut him outright. At worst he’ll be on the practice squad.

  4. He’s already made the Jags money on their limited investment with jersey sales. He’ll make the team for that reason even if his “blocking” consists of him rolling around on the floor rather than standing up and anchoring.

  5. He looked like a guy who’s never thrown a block in his life. Time to take the rest of his dignity with him and move on to the next chapter in life.

  6. That was the block of a man who knows he’s basically a publicity stunt and doesn’t want to get injured by squaring up and making a solid NFL block. Time for him to move onto the next stage of life and hang onto the rest of his dignity.

  7. Is it just me or did he seem uninterested in making contact in a contact sport? He’s a bottom depth chart or practice squad guy. He should at least be playing physical to put something on tape that may be worth a roster shot. Looking disinterested is not the way to get on a roster. Even at his age I figured that with his athleticism and drive he could make the team. The first glimpse in game action doesn’t look that great.

  8. Always remember, with all his athleticism Michael Jordan couldn’t make it in baseball. If Tebow had been willing to change positions in his younger days, especially when he finally realized he sucked at QB, he might have made it. Now, he’s done. Time to look at doing something else with your life. Hey, maybe boxing? It hasn’t given that a shot yet has he?

  9. “The fact that he wasn’t used on special teams may be an ominous sign”

    Did anybody seriously expect them to use a 34-year old guy on special teams? He’s not a tackler, not a great blocker, so unless they were going to make him a return guy what was he going to do on special teams?

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