Urban Meyer wants to see more tempo from the Jaguars offense

NFL: AUG 14 Preseason - Browns at Jaguars
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Urban Meyer made his debut as an NFL coach on Saturday night, the first of at least 20 games to be played.

How did he feel in his first game as a pro coach?

“I felt great until I looked up and saw 85 yards at halftime,” Meyer told reporters after the game.

Meyer is keenly aware of that fact. Beyond pointing out that they have one down and 19 to go at the outset of his postgame press conference, he mentioned the total numbers of games later in the session.

“The newness to me is the length of the season,” Meyer said. “I keep hearing that over and over again. I’m learning.”

His biggest concern for the first game of 20 centered on the offense. Specifically, on the way it moved.

“I don’t like slow offenses. . . . I don’t wanna be one of those slow, wallowing offenses,” Meyer said. “And we’ll get that fixed. . . . We’ve just got to get it and go, go, go.”

Meyer didn’t blame quarterback Trevor Lawrence for the pace of the offense. Meyer, however, believes that the rookie quarterback possibly held onto the ball or too long. Meyer said he’ll review the film and speak to Lawrence about that.

“I kind of felt he did [hold the ball too long] on one of them,” Meyer said. “I do believe he held the ball a little bit, and we’ve gotta find out why.”

One point made by a reporter questioning Meyer — “you had most of your starters and they had most of their backups, third-teamers.” Is that concerning to Meyer, given that the Browns had a 13-0 lead at the half en route to a 23-13 win?

“Concerning? Yeah, everything’s concerning,” Meyer said. “It’s my job to be concerned.”

It’s his job to be a lot of things as the head coach of an NFL team. And he’ll continue to learn. This year, he’s got at least 19 more opportunities to do so.

3 responses to “Urban Meyer wants to see more tempo from the Jaguars offense

  1. I’m really pulling for Urban Meyer to be successful and build a contending competitive roster with the Jacksonville Jaguars. The NFL always feels healthier when teams like the Jags make it to the playoffs. Hopefully Urban won’t suffer the same fate as other all-time great college head coaches that tried to make the crossover like Nick Saban,Steve Spurrier and Lou Holtz.

  2. Really like Meyer and hope he doesn’t fizzle out like a lot of college coaches when they get to the NFL. I DO think Lawrence is gonna be more of a project than folks might think. He’s a talented kid but if the Jags improve this season, it will be more likely the result of Meyer and his staff and the program they implement, than it will be because of Lawrence’s play as a rookie. Either way good luck to the Jags. While I’m not necessarily a fan, I think the NFL will be a better league with a competitive Jaguars team in it!

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