If the Jaguars are showcasing Gardner Minshew, plenty of teams should be interested

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The Jaguars are trying to continue to create the impression that Trevor Lawrence has not yet earned the starting job in a competition with Gardner Minshew. While there’s a chance it’s a legitimate contest (Lawrence seemed to perform better on Saturday night against the Browns), the better explanation is that the Jaguars are perplexed that they’ve yet to get a decent trade offer for Minshew, and that they’re showcasing him a bit.

On Monday, Meyer perpetrated the ruse, if it is one, when asked whether Lawrence would start the next preseason game, against the Saints.

“I think there’s a decent chance,” Meyer said. “We haven’t made that decision yet.”

They inevitably will. Lawrence inevitably will start. They didn’t make Lawrence the No. 1 overall pick in the draft to not put him on the field.

The other question is whether they’ll find a trade partner for Minshew, if they want one. Frankly, it’s amazing they didn’t get a solid offer for him months ago. He has 37 touchdown passes and 11 interceptions through two seasons, he’s under contract for a mere $865,000 this year, and he’s signed through 2022.

He can play, he has proven it. And there are teams that would benefit from his presence as a backup. He’d be an ideal understudy to a star quarterback whose status as the starter isn’t in question. He’s also a guy who could be used by the coaching staff and/or front office to push a starter who may be on tenuous ground if he doesn’t perform at a high level.

Teams like the Seahawks (Minshew played at Washington State), the Chiefs, the Ravens, the Cowboys, the Cardinals, the Rams, the Falcons, and the Titans would upgrade their No. 2 quarterback with Minshew — and he’d be no threat to take the starting job. Teams like the Giants and Lions would have a potentially viable replacement in the event Daniel Jones or Jared Goff, respectively, don’t get it done this season.

In Carolina, Minshew seems to be a much better alternative at No. 2 than P.J. Walker or Will Grier. Hell, Minshew may even be a better option than starter Sam Darnold; dollar for dollar, Minshew definitely provides better value.

It’s stunning, frankly, that Jacksonville hasn’t gotten more interest this year for Minshew. Although the number of competent quarterbacks has increased in recent years, teams still need them. Minshew has shown that he is one of them.

Maybe the Jaguars will just keep him as the No. 2 to Lawrence. With Minshew’s justifiable desire to play, he may not be the ideal guy to mentor Lawrence.

The longer Minshew is listed as the co-starter in Jacksonville, the greater the chance that he’s the featured vehicle in the showroom. And if no one bites before Week One, the Jags can just keep Minshew until an inevitable injury happens and a need for his presence immediately arises.

9 responses to “If the Jaguars are showcasing Gardner Minshew, plenty of teams should be interested

  1. Minshew would be a gigantic upgrade at backup over Geno Smith. And fans in Washington state would love it (well, WSU Cougar fans would love it). I am all for it. But, I’m really wondering what offers have been made (if any) to the jags for Minshew. I would agree that it’s “stunning” that there’s been little interest but I just have no idea what level of interest there has been. This article needs a companion piece about whether the Jags want too much for him or what.

  2. He was outplayed the other night by CJ Beathard. There’s a reason there’s not a ton of interest. He’s not very good.

  3. Yeah, I suspect the Jags are floating out there they want a #1 or a #2 in any trade. He’s definitely worth more than a sixth round pick–his original spot–but I’m not sure if anyone would go higher than a #3 for him.

  4. Minshew would be an upgrade over Chad Henne in the Chiefs offense??? Yeah, no thanks. We’re doing just fine in KC.

  5. Not sure what you been smoking but Minshew is not an upgrade over Henne. As said, the Chiefs are fine with their #2.

  6. Everything said is exactly why Jacksonville needs to keep him. We all expect Lawrence to be great, but until he proves it at the NFL level, there’s still a question mark. Only makes sense to keep a very competent backup on the roster.

  7. AJ McCarron stinks. The Falcons could use Gardner. Just up the road from Jacksonville.

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