Source: Jamal Adams would challenge safety-based franchise tag

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The Seahawks have very real leverage when it comes to the contract talks with safety Jamal Adams. Barring a long-term deal, they can pay him $9.86 million and then apply the franchise tag twice. With long-term talks bogged down, that’s what they currently plan to do.

Adams, we’re told, has a strategy of his own to deploy if that happens. Per a league source, Adams would file a grievance arguing that he’s a linebacker not a safety for franchise tag purposes.

The question then becomes whether Adams takes more snaps as a linebacker (inside or outside) or as a safety in 2021, the year before application of the tag.

The financial consequences would be significant. The projected 2022 franchise tag for safeties is $13.55 million. For linebackers (inside and outside are lumped together), it’s $17.87 million.

For the second tag, which results in a 20-percent raise, that becomes a tag of $16.26 million in 2023 if he’s a safety for 2022 purposes or a tag of $21.44 million in 2023 if he’s a linebacker for 2022 purposes.

That’s a three-year haul of $39.67 million versus $49.17 million. Also, if the Seahawks were to consider the transition tag in 2024, the amount would be $19.512 million as a safety in 2022 versus $25.7 million as a linebacker in 2022.

An arbitrator eventually would figure it all out. Most recently, Buccaneers linebacker Shaq Barrett challenged the defensive end tag. He eventually picked up another $1.32 million for 2020, and his franchise tag for 2021 would have been $20.577 million for 2021, not $18.99 million.

60 responses to “Source: Jamal Adams would challenge safety-based franchise tag

  1. This guy must be impossible. Good players are always signing good contracts. This has been going on for years with this guy.

  2. Seattle will do all in its power to get him as cheap as they can, Adams will do all in his power to maximize his worth. I understand both sides, but if I was a player I’d do the exact same thing.

  3. Yes he may play snaps at LB but he also plays at safety. How many players listed as a LB in the NFL have lined up and played a single snap at safety? My guess would b zero. Jamal ur a safety I know it u know it we all know it. C’mon man!!!!

  4. Well, the guy plays down inside. It’s what he’s known and praised for. Valid argument.

  5. This is gonna be juicy.

    Remember when people took the cheese with the hype on this guy as a self-promoting Jet and Pats fans warned up and down how overrated he is?

    Schneider and Carroll should be fired. It’s one of the very worst trades in NFL history.

  6. He could make the case that any safety worth franchising would have far more than two interceptions through 58 career games.

  7. redeemerac says:
    August 16, 2021 at 11:10 am
    Seattle will do all in its power to get him as cheap as they can, Adams will do all in his power to maximize his worth. I understand both sides, but if I was a player I’d do the exact same thing.
    And you know they are trying to get him cheap how? We’re they cheap with the recent contracts with Tyler Lockett and Michael Dickson? I think not

  8. Well you are a Safety. You play Safety, went to three consecutive pro Bowls as a Safety you were drafted as a Safety.

  9. By Adams making that public, he just told Seattle to try to keep him at safety. For his case, he would have been better off not publicizing his strategy. But he doesn’t seem like one to let reason interfere with making a show of his discontent.

  10. Didn’t the Seahawks already get rid of a professional malcontent safety in Earl Thomas? Here comes Jamal Adams…good luck Seattle!

  11. He can try but that seems like a longshot given Jimmy Graham failed a few years ago in his bid to be declared a WR. Graham had played almost 70% of snaps either in the slot or split out but arbitration STILL declared him a TE. Adams case would be far weaker because nothing about him makes me think he’s actually a linebacker.

  12. Hawks’ office will need a more amorphous defense to deal with its more amorphous defense.

  13. Did he come up on the stage at the draft when the commissioner called out “Jamal Adams, Safety, LSU”? If so, he’s a safety and he knows it.

  14. Was it Jimmy Grahams’ i should be paid as a receiver not a tight end that started this kind of impasse? Turned out Drew Brees made him a star. Anyway, if you don’t want to work with your team you should find one you will work with.

  15. If your RB has 50 receptions in a season (screens, flares, flats) that does not make him a WR. If I attached wheels to my body, I am not all of a sudden a wagon.

  16. It’s interesting to watch the NFC West teams throw their futures and all of these first rounds picks away in a race to see which team can win the SB in the short run. Rams w Stafford, Niners w Lance and Seattle with Adams. All three could fail.

  17. The guy is a malcontent; he was in New York and he continues to be in Seattle. They need to draft a top flight safety and move on from this idiot. I suspect no one will bother with after Seattle moves on from him. He’s proven to be a problem no matter where he goes.

  18. Funny I guess he is back to being Adams, you can only keep him happy until his contract is up then he turns into this.

  19. Christopher Allan says:
    August 16, 2021 at 11:25 am
    redeemerac says:
    August 16, 2021 at 11:10 am
    Seattle will do all in its power to get him as cheap as they can, Adams will do all in his power to maximize his worth. I understand both sides, but if I was a player I’d do the exact same thing.
    And you know they are trying to get him cheap how? We’re they cheap with the recent contracts with Tyler Lockett and Michael Dickson? I think not

    As cheap as they can means the Seahawks want to offer Adam’s the least amount of money to secure his services while he would like to get the most money possible. If you go buy a brand new vehicle, you hope to obtain it for the least amount of money possible. That doesn’t make you cheap.

  20. Adams would lose that argument. In the case of Jimmy Graham wanting to be franchised as a WR rather than a TE, the arbitrator ruled that Graham was a TE due to his physical characteristics and the way opponents defended him (i.e. with safeties and linebackers rather than cornerbacks). Adams may be aligning close to the LOS, but he is prototypical safety sized, not linebacker sized

  21. It’s not often fans of a team are happy to see a great player go. Jet fans sure don’t miss this malcontents motor mouth though.

  22. Both sides are wrong in this one. Adam’s for taking this ridiculous stance and Hawks front office for knowing they were trading away large draft capital for a guy that has shown this in the past. Biggest issue for Hawks is if they can’t sign Metcalf then they would have to choose between him and Adam’s as to who to tag when the time comes.

  23. Dump this legend in his own mind guy and save the dollars for more deserving football players.

  24. Adams plays a dangerous sport, so trying to up his pay as much as possible is common sense. Having an impartial arbitrator decide what position he plays is a fair way to resolve this issue.

  25. Seahawks offer already on the table is over 52 million for 3 years so that exceeds the linebacker franchise tag 3 year payout. Adams apparently is more interested in fighting than playing. Financially what he is doing makes zero sense. Has he never heard of leveon bell?

  26. Seahawks should play his as a linebacker this year. After he gets beat up for one year at his “correct” position, he will be lucky to be in the league in 2022……

  27. LOL now people are arguing he’s a safety when before this post everyone argues that he does LB functions and shouldn’t be considered a safety.

  28. I thought the current CBA was supposed to eliminate holdouts. How much is Rodger Goodell making again?

  29. This just keep getting better and better (Grabs popcorn)

    Funny thing is that their D was already trash with Adams playing

    Can’t wait to see what happens next

  30. The only people who don’t know that Jamal is a safety are Jamal and anyone he tries to cover.

  31. And the Saints shipped graham out to Seattle. Then his career took a nose dive. See what happens when you try and pull a fast one.hawks aren’t so lucky they are stuck with him.

  32. Honestly, he’s a solid LB and a very poor DB. If not for his “in the box” play last year, he would have had a poor year (to put it mildly). His coverage isn’t good.

  33. He will sign – its just a matter of time. Even if he wins the grievance its a 1 yr deal followed by another 1 yr deal and he can get hurt and lose millions. He will eventually see the light and sign.

  34. Great player, but not worth what they gave up to get him and the cost to keep him.

  35. The Seahawks would like to thank Jamal for alerting them to this to ensure they line him up in enough “safety” positions to not qualify as a LB.

  36. I couldn’t believe it when the Rams made a similar trade for Ramsey. To give up so much and then get held hostage by the player you traded for is bad business. But Ramsey is arguably the best CB in the game. Adams is a thumping SS that plays near the LOS and is horrible in coverage. I can think of 5 well rounded Safeties I’d take over him. Outside of the Tag Seattle has no leverage. Bad business.

  37. This is the first time at least off the top of my head I can think of Seattle either trading away high draft capital on a player or signing a high end FA and it actually working out. They have typically been mediocre…. IE Harvin, Graham, THoush. The crazy part is in the long run it may very well still not work out. I do see a deal getting done though.

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