49ers are waiving Josh Rosen

Kansas City Chiefs v San Francisco 49ers
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Josh Rosen has spent time with four teams since the Cardinals drafted him in the first round in 2018. The quarterback will need a fifth chance if he is to make it in the NFL.

The 49ers are waiving Rosen, Mike Garafolo of NFL Media reports.

Rosen went 10-of-15 for 93 yards and an interception in last weekend’s preseason game against the Chiefs. He played 33 snaps.

The Cardinals made Rosen the 10th overall choice in 2018, and he played 14 games with 13 starts as a rookie. Arizona moved on in 2019 after drafting Kyler Murray with the first overall choice. A trade sent Rosen to Miami, where he appeared in six games with three starts in 2019.

Rosen signed with the Buccaneers’ practice squad last season, and the 49ers signed him to their active roster late last season. He did not appear in a game in 2020 but signed a futures deal with San Francisco in February.

In his career, Rosen has completed 54.8 percent of his passes for 2,845 yards with 12 touchdowns and 19 interceptions. His teams went 3-13 in his starts.

22 responses to “49ers are waiving Josh Rosen

  1. Remember the movie draft day? The QB that no one went to his 21st birthday in Madison? That’s how I picture Josh Rosen

  2. My cousin played with Rosen at UCLA and is not surprised at all by his lack of success in the NFL. Dude is arrogant as heck and just doesn’t know how to study tape or evaluate defenses. You can’t break these bad habits.

  3. 3 teams in 3 seasons and it felt like more than that. He probably just isn’t good enough but also not easy when you find yourself on a new team every time you turn around.

  4. He was over rated at UCLA but had a good agent. Appreciate the kid’s confidence but it’s over for him except maybe as a carnival act in Saskatchewan.

  5. He made a lot money. Probably put most of it in Bitcoin. I can see him buying a team in a few years and then firing the coach.

  6. Of all the people calling Tua a draft bust. This is what a true draft bust looks like. Remember when he was upset and not grateful when he was chosen on draft day? Maybe he knew he wouldn’t succeed and just wanted that extra guaranteed money. He should’ve been a late round flyer. I’m sure he’ll wind up on another practice squad with the teams fans saying “he just needs time and a chance”. He’s had both. At this point he’s a warm body and a camp arm.

  7. I wouldn’t mind seeing Miami sign him for a song and then put him on practice squad. He is better then the guy behind Jacoby.

  8. Rosen isn’t alone in the promising then bust catagory, but the real loser in all this is the losing teams that invest high picks and they don’t pan out leaving them as still a losing team

  9. and to add, Kudo’s to Arizona for recognizing this quickly and moving on, not alot of teams would have admitted that mistake so quickly

  10. Meanwhile a guy like chase Daniel will be a backup in this league for as long as he wants to. I’m starting to think Rosen rubs people the wrong way. Clearly not an asset in the QB room.

  11. Rosen’ biggest problem is that he isn’t hungry. He’s privileged and will continue to be privileged after football. He’s been catered to his entire life. He’ll walk around the country club bragging about how he brushed elbows with some of the best. I’m not hating. I got no problems with him nor privileged people. Just stating facts. He doesn’t want it cause he simply doesn’t need it.

  12. And I remember when nearly all of the so-called experts said Rosen was the most NFL ready QB in the draft and he’d have a great career, just another of the many reasons I never listen to those “experts” when it comes to QB’s, they don’t have a clue what they’re talking about!

  13. Josh Rosen on the 2018 draft, “There were 9 mistakes made ahead of me.” Those 9 mistakes he’s referring to now include Saquon Barkley, Josh, Allen, Bradley Chubb, Quenton Nelson, and Baker Mayfield. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. I figured both Darnold and Rosen would be busts and thought Josh Allen would be the best QB in that draft class. I thought Allen would be like what Rothlisberger was like–overlooked because he played for a smaller school. I can’t imagine Rosen will get another chance. So much for playing for UCLA and USC (Darnold).

  15. If he wants to resurrect his career, I would go spend a few years in the CFL. Worked wonders for Flutie & Garcia.

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