Folks who bought Tim Tebow jerseys are out of luck, despite “jersey assurance”

NFL: AUG 14 Preseason - Browns at Jaguars
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When the Jaguars signed Tim Tebow, his jersey instantly went on sale — and it immediately became the hottest selling jersey in the NFL.

Now that the Jaguars have cut Tebow, those folks who bought the jersey are left holding the bag. Or, more specifically, a jersey that was actually ever worn by the player in one meaningless preseason game, the highlight of which was a half-hearted block followed by an inadvertent helmet in the stomach of a teammate.

Although the league, through Fanatics, provides “jersey assurance,” the fine print becomes very important in situations like this. The program applies to trades only; there’s no protection if the player is cut or retires.

Tebow has been cut. Given that he’s been released in the initial wave of reductions from 90 to 85, he presumably won’t resurface on the practice squad. And thus it appears to be over for Tebow in Jacksonville, weeks before it ever technically started.

It’s hard to feel bad, frankly, for anyone who rolled the dice on a Tebow jersey. There was always a good chance that the tight end experiment would go the way of Peter Brady’s volcano (dated, but applicable).

And of all the people who will be feeling very little sympathy for those who bought the Tebow jersey, the least will be felt by Raiders fans who bought an Antonio Brown jersey in 2019.

15 responses to “Folks who bought Tim Tebow jerseys are out of luck, despite “jersey assurance”

  1. As popular as Tebow is in Florida (particularly in Jacksonville), I think most buyers purchased the jersey as a collectors item.

  2. That lame block almost looked staged it was so pathetic.
    Are we sure he didn’t do that intentionally so Meyer would have a legit reason to release him and keep the Tebow fan base ok with it?

  3. If you bought a Tim Tebow jersey it’s because you wanted a Tim Tebow jersey. Not because you thought Tim Tebow was going to be a significant part of the Jaguar’s championship dynasty.

  4. this is an instant collecable, you get the set and wait it out. I will buy anyone I can for $5 bargin sale.

  5. It’s a weird irony that Tebow and his fans don’t understand that pride ended his football career early because he refused to switch positions eight years ago.

  6. Ironically, I want a Tebow #85 jersey way more now.

    If I knew that the only thing he was going to do in that jersey was two shamelessly bad block attempts for all of Twitter to laugh at, I would have preordered one.

    I figured he was just going to run some boring pass routes where he never got open, maybe drop a checkdown attempt or two.

  7. They say there’s one born every minute, but there is a truly amazing number of these Tim Tebow suckers out there. Maybe he’ll pretend to be a basketball player next.

  8. If you bought one you probably don’t care if he made the team. He is a Jax native I believe.

  9. If you bought a Tebow jersey it likely wasn’t for football but whether it was for football or another reason it wasn’t a smart buy to begin with.

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