Giants insist they didn’t stockpile extra 2022 first-round pick with eye toward replacing Daniel Jones

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The Giants acquired Chicago’s first-round pick in 2022 by sliding from No. 11 to No. 20 in 2021. That gives New York two (math is hard) first-round picks in 2022.

That also gives them ammunition, depending on where those picks land, to trade up for a potential future franchise quarterback in 2022.

On Tuesday, G.M. Dave Gettleman told reporters that’s not the plan.

Via Ralph Vacciano of SNY, Gettleman said that the trade wasn’t made with the idea of having the picks to pick a new quarterback next year. I was “not even a thought,” Gettleman said. “We believe in Daniel.”

As to the first part, I believe it. The Giants wanted receiver Devonta Smith. The Eagles, who had the No. 12 pick, jumped them to get Smith. The Giants and Gettleman wisely realized that a drop to No. 20 would still allow them to get their next choice, receiver Kadarius Toney.

As to the second part, I’ll believe it with a caveat. This is a “no excuses” season for Jones, given that running back Saquon Barkley is healthy and in light of the resources devoted to beefing up the available weapons, including Toney, receiver Kenny Golladay, and tight end Kyle Rudolph. If Jones doesn’t take the proverbial next step in season three, it could be time for the team to start exploring options.

Those two first-round picks could be used to target a rookie or to pursue a potentially available veteran. Although Deshaun Watson, Aaron Rodgers, and Russell Wilson haven’t changed teams yet, they still could. The Giants could put together a strong package based on two first-round picks in 2022 as the starting point.

So while they believe in Jones for now, they may believe in someone else more come 2022, and they have the assets to try to get him.

13 responses to “Giants insist they didn’t stockpile extra 2022 first-round pick with eye toward replacing Daniel Jones

  1. I know it didn’t fit the timeline, but the Giants are really going to regret not drafting Justin Fields with that 11th pick. Jones isn’t good.

  2. Aaron Rodgers might sneak this team into the playoffs, if he survived the trek. Jones is not bad. In fact, it’s hard to tell. I see all the Oline whiffs and it adds up to who the hell knows if the QB is any good. A new rookie? They could have had Fields and gotten a 3rd for Jones. Sort of the same 1/2 a dozen or another.

    Quentin Nelson was penciled in as a HOF’r pre-dfrafr but the Giants selected Barkley. Tunsil took a bong hit and the Giants selected Eli Apple. Just two glaring examples among many.

    FWIW, the Cowboys wasted a great Oline and skill players. You just need the right combo of players and coaching. Right now, the Giants do not have that nor will they have, in the next year or so REGARDLESS of who plays QB.

    Jones needs to be on a good team to see if he’s any good. Same as Darnold. Same as any QB who spends 3/4’s of his time in a collapsed pocket not named Aaron Rodgers (and his Oline had some pro bowlers).

  3. @chickensalad43

    After one preseason game you know for sure that Justin Fields will be a star ? Ridiculous. Ryan Leaf went 2-0 in the regular season to start his career. No one knows for sure how a rookie QB will turn out

    Daniel Jones could turn it around, fans slated Eli Manning who didn’t look too good when he started late his rookie year, now look

  4. Daniel Jones and Dwayne Haskins. 2 marginal (at best) 2nd string QBs. One has already been cut by the team that drafted him. The 2nd should cut bait while they can. But they won’t. Gettleman knows he’s on thin ice. And thats not a good sich for someone of his…… girth.

  5. I really hope the media has stopped re-writing Rodgers’ history and can move on to re-write someone else’s history, like Jones’.

  6. The game against Tampa convinced me that he might just not have it. There were plays all day for them to make if he could see them. They should have won that game going away. Ironic since his first start that came against them is probably the only time that he looked like a promising starter to me.

  7. Rodgers 1st 2 years,…. 17-15 with 20 picks against him. Just sayin’.
    And that was with a pretty nice roster of veterans.

    Give Daniel Jones a chance.

  8. Daniel Jones is going to be a fantastic QB. Why so many can’t his athletescism, work ethic and competitive nature is silly. He had nothing to work with last year and was injured for half the season. Give him at least a hot minute to shine

  9. Bad offensive line and coaching?? Maybe it’s the beers today, but if you put him on the Bills or 49ers he would be good.

  10. Two firsts for Watson?? Much more likely he’ll be in the bargain basement and few shoppers wanting to haul out his baggage.

  11. Rodgers would be the play for Ny next year. Two first round pics and than build them line in the off season. We have a lot of talent on the roster. Rodgers would be take NY all the way

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