Jamal Adams: I believe in myself; all I needed was somebody to believe in me

Seattle Seahawks Training Camp
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Jamal Adams held in until he got his new contract. He got his new contract signed Tuesday and practiced for the first time in training camp.

“Obviously, it was tough to come out here and continue to watch and not be involved like I wanted to,” Adams said Tuesday. “I understood the business, and we were working together the whole time. Don’t believe anything out there. Everything was good. There’s no relationship break. . . . We were all working together as a team, and we got it done.”

He accepted the Seahawks’ final offer, a five-year, $70 million contract with $38 million guaranteed.

“Man, it’s a block off my shoulders,” Adams said. “Just so excited to be a part of such a unique organization. Always been a fan. Still a fan. But it just makes it that much greater than I’m a part of the family now. I’m ready to go win some championships, man.”

Adams said his mother, who lives in Dallas, texted him after midnight CT. The Pro Bowl safety called her, and after she used his full name, Adams knew what he had to do.

“I wasn’t not going to take the contract,” Adams said. “Where I’m from, we’re definitely taking that, man. Mom called. She called twice, and when mom called, and she told me I needed to take the contract, it was a no-brainer. Mamma knows best.”

Adams said he would not have held out of the regular season and will be ready to take the field when the regular season starts despite missing the first few weeks of team drills.

He got what he wanted. Now, the Seahawks will see if he was worth the draft picks and the money they gave up to obtain him and to keep him.

“I believe in myself, and I believe in what I can do on the football field,” Adams said. “All I needed was somebody to believe in me. And those guys upstairs, they believed in me. And they took a chance and all I can do is just continue to produce and continue to work my tail off and win ball games, man.”