Jamal Adams took Seattle’s final offer, with some “cosmetics” attached

New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks
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The Seahawks had made a final offer, and they had refused to budge. Safety Jamal Adams decided to accept it.

Per a league source, Adams accepted the team’s final offer, with (as the source put it) some “cosmetics” attached.

Although some in league circles have speculated that Adams accepted the offer after the Seahawks told him it was time to practice and that failure to do so could result in discipline for conduct detrimental to the team, we’re told it didn’t get to that point. Instead, the Seahawks reiterated their final offer and said that it would be pulled if not accepted.

That would have set the stage for the Seahawks to pay Adams $9.86 million this year and, if no long-term deal could be reached after the season, to apply the franchise tag in 2022 and possibly in 2023. Although Adams planned to challenge the tag if applied as a safety (he would have argued that he’s a linebacker for tag purposes), he opted not to go year to year.

It was the smart choice. Given the physicality inherent to the position and his specific brand of throwing caution to the wind and his body into the fray, it made no sense to refuse the chance to shift the injury risk to the team.

And so the five-year, $70 million contract with $38 million guaranteed (the parameters of the team’s final offer) were accepted. Adams remains a Seahawk indefinitely, and at least for the next three or four years.

7 responses to “Jamal Adams took Seattle’s final offer, with some “cosmetics” attached

  1. Seattle should have stayed with 5th year and 2 franchised tag years. Now Seattle assumes all of the risk.

  2. I’ll take a Jets win wherever I can get one, and getting rid of this cancer for what we got? Huge win

  3. So overpaid. He’s not a pass rusher or a lockdown corner, no way should a safety be making this kind of jack.

  4. Jamaal really doesn’t have a true position. He’s a playmaker and can make game changing plays to turn L’s into W’s. See the Rams game chasing down darrell henderson from behind at the goal line and was in on the 3rd and 4th down stops.

    He’s a weapon blitzing the QB and attacking ball carriers. While it may not deserve this coin, the Hawks have an emotional thumper signed and time to benefit from 2nd yr players earning NFL peanuts.

    LB, Jordyn Brooks will be a 2nd yr LB stud and if given playing time, don’t sleep on DE Alton Robinson.

    NFL teams that improve get a jump in production from their kids, so they can pay a guy like Adams who will earn his keep. He’s reckless and can be a game changing defensive player. Not perfect, but a great all around player.

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