Odafe Oweh: Justin Houston’s like Yoda, he’s really helped me with everything

Baltimore Ravens Training Camp

The Ravens added edge rushers on both ends of the career spectrum this offseason.

Odafe Oweh arrived as a first-round pick in April and veteran Justin Houston joined the club as a free agent this summer. Houston is in Baltimore to help the pass rush in the short term, but Oweh’s comments about working with the former Chief and Colt suggest his impact on the team could last for years to come.

Houston may not be tiny and green, but Oweh said he’s been something of a Jedi Master while working with his younger teammate.

“He’s Yoda, man. He’s like Yoda,” Oweh said in a press conference. “He just knows everything, and I try to ask him questions about different sets, how to approach that, how to attack that, and he’ll have the answer right away. I really appreciate that, because like I said, I’m new to the game, so I’m trying to pick up something different every single time. I try to work with him after practice — hands, just learning. Learning stuff and picking every little thing. With film too, how to take care of your body — just that vet mentality, being a pro and everything. So, he’s really helped me with everything.”

Much was made of the fact that Oweh didn’t have any sacks at Penn State last season heading into the draft, but Oweh’s athleticism and upside still made him a highly-rated prospect. Having a player with the experience of Houston helping to turn those traits into production can’t hurt the rookie’s transition to the NFL.

6 responses to “Odafe Oweh: Justin Houston’s like Yoda, he’s really helped me with everything

  1. Oweh could be the next Suggs If he puts in the work and Suggs is a legend and HOF worthy player

  2. This is going to wind up being one of the steals of the draft! In exchange for one year ofa disgruntled Orlando Brown the Ravens trade him for five years of a potential pro bowler and staple to fix the pass rushing woes over the past few years. Just another astute general manager decision by one of the best in the biz. Way to go EDC! Cheers!

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