Josh Rosen unclaimed on waivers

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After the 49ers got rid of quarterback Josh Rosen, the rest of the NFL passed on him as well.

Rosen went unclaimed on waivers today, according to Field Yates of ESPN.

That makes the 24-year-old Rosen an unrestricted free agent, free to sign with any team, but at this point it’s entirely possible that no team would sign him to so much as a minimum-salary contract to be a third-string quarterback. He has now been on the Cardinals, Dolphins, Buccaneers and 49ers and has yet to show anything indicating he belongs in the NFL.

That’s a stunning fall for a player who was the 10th overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft. Rosen looked like he had a lot of potential while playing at UCLA, but it just hasn’t worked for him in the NFL. His pro football career may be over.

30 responses to “Josh Rosen unclaimed on waivers

  1. Not really much out there for backup QB’s. Someone will sign him. Just might not be until a starter goes down.

  2. When I heard the bills select JOSH…..I was devastated ALLEN was the next thing I heard. funny how that worked out.

  3. GM down there in Phoenix has figured out that making splashy moves will keep you around as well. They have won one playoff game in his time there.

  4. But wait, how is he going to “make all those teams pay” for passing on him in the draft?

  5. Dude got screwed by the Cardinals. I feel for him. If Kingsbury doesn’t come in wanting Murray, Rosen’s probably developed into a solid starter there by now.

  6. Another Pac12 total bust QB that was drafted way, way too high. Almost as bad as U-Dubs total, total bust Jake Locker famously taken #8 by the Titans.

  7. It would be weird if the Bills picked him up – they’d have the 1st QB taken in the 2017 draft and the 3rd and 4th QB’s taken in the 2018 draft.
    I wonder if any team has had 3 QB’s, at the same time, that were all top 10 1st round picks?

  8. I feel kind of bad for him. Rosen never really had a fair shot, IMO. He should be signed, but it looks as though his career such as it is, might be over. He won’t be skint and comes from a wealthy family anyway. Josh is gonna be just fine.

  9. goooooobrowns says:
    August 18, 2021 at 8:17 pm
    And to think he was dubbed the most nfl ready QB of that draft…

    Many had the Giants taking Rosen at 2. The Giants instead took Saquon and every moneyball analyst across the planet wrote an article saying how it was a terrible pick.

    I’ll admit Saquon hasn’t been the perfect pick, but to suggest they should have picked Rosen (or Darnold) at the time was laughable.

  10. In a world where Ben DiNucci has an NFL roster spot, I’m sure Rosen will find a job somewhere.

  11. My understanding is that Rosen made some big claims about how good he was. Unfortunately, those lofty claims did not pan out in the NFL. Very sad.

  12. He’s young, healthy, and signed a $17,597,760 fully guaranteed contract.

    Pretty hard for me to feel sorry for him.

  13. At this point the Vikings might need to sign him. Spielman and Zimmer are clinging to their jobs…barely.

  14. Once the confidence goes in these young QBs, theyre toast. He looked to be a gifted thrower.

    I recall a knock on him coming out was that he came from privilege and did he really want it enough. That’s unfair, but maybe all these setbacks are easier for him to be ok with not making it

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