Lawyer says Deshaun Watson has talked to the FBI, but not the NFL

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The attorney for Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson says that Watson has spoken to the FBI about an investigation into whether at least one of the women accusing him of sexual assault has committed extortion, but Watson has not yet participated into the NFL’s investigation of the accusations against him.

Lawyer Rusty Hardin said at a press conference today that he encouraged Watson to cooperate with the FBI because he’s confident that Watson was the victim of extortion, not the perpetrator of a crime. The lawyer representing the women accusing Watson, Tony Buzbee, revealed this week that the FBI is looking into the matter.

“In April the FBI came to us and told us they were investigating a matter in regards to whether one of Mr. Buzbee’s clients committed extortion,” Hardin said today. “If you can find a lawyer who would let his client talk to the FBI if his client did anything wrong or had any exposure, I would be very, very surprised.”

Hardin said Watson has not yet spoken to NFL investigators because they haven’t asked to talk to him, but Hardin said Watson will cooperate with the NFL whenever that request is made.

“The answer is no, and here’s the reason: The NFL regularly tries to not reach out to the defendant and his lawyers until the criminal investigation is over. They want to make sure they don’t interfere with the criminal investigation,” Hardin said when asked if Watson has talked to the NFL. “Whenever the time is appropriate we will fully cooperate.”

Watson is accused in civil lawsuits brought by 22 different women of using massage appointments as a pretext for sexually harassing and assaulting female massage therapists.

16 responses to “Lawyer says Deshaun Watson has talked to the FBI, but not the NFL

  1. Lets face it, the NFL doesnt have any interest in this. They want the decision to be made for them. Whether it be the police, the FBI, they dont care. Someone needs to charge him with a crime or proclaim he is not guilty. If they investigate, they need to come to a conclusion that they dont want to come to. Because they have proven time and again, they will choose the outcome they want, and then work backwards to make it legit

  2. Curiouser and curiouser. Why are the FBI involved? Something isn’t smelling right here…

  3. For all of the ” Why isn’t DeShaun Suspended” blah blah people out there.

    What on God’s green earth would make you believe the NFL is qualified, effective or vaguely skilled in the field of criminal investigation? They didn’t even know the Ideal Gas law and basic 11th grade physics curriculum.

    They’re wise to Stay As FAR AWAY from this mess as possible until actual Criminal and Law professionals do their jobs.

  4. Wait so the FBI is talking to DeSahun about being extorted and Buzbee is claiming they are talking to him about criminal activities by Watson? I smell a lie from somebody.

  5. Follow the money. If it made financial sense for the NFL to suspend Watson, he would already be suspended. The NFL will let the money decide Watson’s fate regardless of his innocence.

  6. if i was watson.i would be a lot more scared of the fbi than i would be about the nfl!!!!!!

  7. 2 separate fbi investigations involving Watson – one as a victim and the other as a defendant. Be bizarre if both cases were won by the feds.

  8. Stop.

    The moment Watson talks to the NFL, the FBI can subpoena the records and use it against him as evidence. Pretty sure the NFL doesn’t want to get involved that way, so makes absolute sense to wait for the FBI to finish.

  9. In my opinion, NFL isn’t stepping in because they are in a mess like baseball is with Trevor Bauer. They’re best option is to allow the system to play itself out in a criminal/civil court before ruling on Watson’s playing feasibility.

  10. There’s nothing for the NFL to do until the process is resolved, so no reason for him to talk to them.

    On the other hand he has to talk to the FBI because of the fabricated stories against him so he can clear his name, because people think he’s guilty of something simply because he’s been accused.

  11. ghjjf says: “Follow the money. If it made financial sense for the NFL to suspend Watson, he would already be suspended.”

    Um, the NFL has suspended Tom Brady. TOM BRADY.

  12. if Watson talks to the NFL what’s he going to say? “I’m innocent”. If Watson’s accusers talk to the NFL, what are they going to say? “He’s guilty”. Given that Watson is in effect and employee of the NFL and further, it’s most powerful union; common sense as it should be applied here is for both Watson and the NFL is to in now way endanger or put any doubt into the legal process, ergo, not have any discussions until the legal process is played out. Until then, any prior talks are made moot once a legal decision has been made so why waste anyone’s time now. This is going to bleed into the offseason; meaning the Texans are going to have to bite the bullet and pay him this year or sell low and trade him now. Texan fans have made Cal McNair a very rich man…we’ll see if Cal throws them under the bus.

  13. guilty or not but as alas the wheels of justice for all parties in this matter are moving rather glacially slow ….. might be best even if watson is proven to be innocent in all accounts (although does not seem so) and with his outstanding request for a trade while being radioactive to his team and the league to just sit the season out until some hard truths n facts have been determined … then let him be traded in the off season where more suitors will be available anyways and hopefully a much clearer picture of what actually did go down will be known and opinions won’t be so heated or overblown one way or another.

  14. Extortion could easily be committed against and also been committed by Deshaun Watson in this case.

    Someone trying to extort Watson for financial gain and Watson extorting someone(s) to stay silent or he’d ruin their business/reputation as possible examples.

  15. Everytime Watson’s lawyer speaks it gets worse for him. Hardin tried so hard to use this pc to spin this in his favor…but all people are talking about is that the FBI is investigating Watson. SMH.

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