Zach Wilson enjoying practices alongside Aaron Rodgers

NFL: AUG 11 New York Jets Training Camp
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New York Jets rookie quarterback Zach Wilson is getting the chance to see an idol of his practice up close this week during joint practices with the Green Bay Packers.

Via Dennis Waszak Jr. of the Associated Press, Wilson is relishing the chance to see Aaron Rodgers practice in person and share the same field with him as he begins his career with the Jets.

We’re all technically at the same level now, we’re all in the NFL,” Wilson said, “but we’re all kind of like, ‘That’s Aaron Rodgers. That’s kind of crazy.’ It’s still a great tool for us just to be able to learn from him and kind of see what he’s doing.”

The Jets and Packers are meeting up for joint practices this week ahead of their preseason game in Green Bay on Saturday.

Wilson admitted he is a bit of a “fanboy” when it comes to Rodgers and that he was the quarterback he was always drawn to watching play.

“He was always the game I always wanted to watch on Sundays,” Wilson said. “I always made sure I was watching his full games, what he was doing.”

Wilson has had the chance to talk with Rodgers previously but the practices in Green Bay have provided the first chance for him to see him work up close and to ask him about the whats and whys of what he does at the position.

“He’s got a lot of knowledge,” Wilson said. “He’s a smart dude, he knows what’s going on out there. It’s cool to ask him about footwork, what’s going on on the field, what he’s seeing. If I could spend more time with him and just keep asking questions, I would.

“The biggest thing I picked up … just how calm and collected he is. He’s kind of just out there, almost like he’s just messing around, playing backyard football. He’s having a good time and he makes it work.”

4 responses to “Zach Wilson enjoying practices alongside Aaron Rodgers

  1. Zach, maybe someday you, too, can be a thorn in the side of your team as you build expectations you should have a say in personnel matters and then publicly throw your team’s leadership under the bus publicly in a childish attempt to build support for your position. That might be nice.

    A Packers fan

  2. This is a good point, I think one of the biggest problems for rookies is they’re trying to overthink everything. But on the other hand it comes with the territory – especially at QB – because they’re learning so much.

    Then there are guys like Justin Herbert who find that balance between thinking and just playing, and knock it out of the park. If Zach really wants to succeed this season, he should take a long, hard look at what Herbert did last year.

    And then, of course, they changed up all his coaches, coordinators and schemes. It’s crazy to me that they could watch the success that staff had with their new franchise QB last season and then flush that staff down the drain.

    Lynn was there for 4 seasons, they had a top-10 offense basically all 4 years, and a top-10 defense for 3 of them. They won a playoff game 3 years ago. I would have ridden with Lynn at least 1 more season to see if he could finally bring it all together. I think they’re really going to regret the move, particularly going to a defensive HC in this division. It’s a division full of Ferrari offenses – the Chiefs top 5, Raiders top 10, even the Donkeys look like they have a good shot to approach top-10 status this season.

    So they have one of the most promising young arms in the entire world, but they bring in a defensive HC and an OC who has only been OC once before with the Lions, with bad results. I guess they like him because he’s been a QB coach in NO, but let’s face it, how much coaching did Drew Brees really need? I mean, Brees was probably teaching Lombardi more about the QB position than the other way around.

    We’ll see, but I think with their losses on D and all the coaching and scheme changes they could hit the bottom of the AFCW this year.

    I guess this went off-topic, lol.

  3. Rogers got to sit for 3 years and learn watching a hall of fame player even thought Favre was not helpful. Wilson has to go right from the start and his college experience is not great. He played a mediocre schedule and beat average to poor teams. His record against 10 plus win teams was 0-5, 1 TD, 7 INT. Yes it is a team sport but that is not great.
    This is going to be about what they surround him with and the coaching. Just keep in mind it’s the Jets.

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