As expected, labor shortages impact NFL stadiums

New York Giants v Washington Football Team
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It was expected. It’s now happening.

Via Ben Fischer of Sports Business Journal, NFL stadiums have experienced challenges when it comes to hiring game-day workers.

At SoFi Stadium and at least three other stadiums, staffing issues arose last weekend, the first of the preseason.

Fischer reports that teams and stadiums are optimistic that they can hire enough workers before the regular season commences. One cause is believed to be enhanced unemployment benefits. However, as one team executive said, “A lot of these people are retirees,” which will make them more inclined to avoid crowds as the Delta variant continues to spread.

In the end, the NFL and its teams will find a way to continue to separate fans from their money. It may just cost a little more money to do it. Presumably, those costs will be passed along to the consumer, in some way.

15 responses to “As expected, labor shortages impact NFL stadiums

  1. Billionaires not paying poor people a fair wage. Pay them better and they will come.

  2. Offer better wages and benefits then more people will want to work for you. This isn’t hard, except if you’re a cheapskate.

  3. “One cause is believed to be enhanced unemployment benefits”

    Obviously! This is an issue across the country. Cut off the free money and make people work.

  4. Nothing about the world is back to normal from pole to pole, East to west. People are uneasy with all that has happened and I think that’s very understandable as people make decisions about what environment they want to work in, and how they go about their lives. So many are still trying to find a new rhythm of existence and many have lost someone. I think as time goes it will get better but I don’t think castigating people as lazy, or bad at their job, or they dont want to work as a reason really does anything except reveal the mindset of the person talking trash in this instance.

  5. If you take the average unemployment of $350+ a week, plus $300 the fed kicks in, you can collect $33,800+ in a year.
    Plus another $3,200 in stimulus, that’s enough to get by without working.

    That’s why people do not want to work, they don’t have to.

    No, they’re not ‘getting rich’.
    But the can get by.

    There was a time in my life I worked in food service.
    I’d sit around after work at 2-3 in the morning with my co-workers drinking and complaining about how crappy things were.

    Then I quit doing what I’d been doing and moved on to better things.
    Nobody handed me money, that would have been bad for my motivation.

    I went and found something better out of necessity

  6. My father-inlaw worked college football games and events for a long time as a 2nd-3rd job. Didn’t really need to, just loved going to the games. He was actually retired from his main career but still worked there too, while on Social Security and pension. No mortgage or car payments or anything, not worth the risk now. As far as people who still need the money, there’s the gig economy now with complete schedule flexibility and places like warehouses and such are hiring paying at least double minimum wage with bonuses. So if you are an hourly worker, there are better options than seasonal part-time with low wages. Especially when you consider how few games and working days there are. A lot of people are probably better off delivering food or whatever on game days.

  7. “Labor shortages” is a nice euphemism for “people who are enjoying their government handouts and never want COVID to end because they are too lazy to work.”

  8. What’s the incentive to work when you can stay home and make more money on unemployment? This country really seems to have its stuff together.

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